Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ups & Downs

The day started off optimistically with the promise of exterior window trim in our very near future. I got to the house today at about 11:30am to find that the first pieces were just getting ready to go up. Giddy as I was, I had places to go and people to see...so I hit the road with the promise to return this evening.

Once Jeff got home from work around 5:30, we did a child exchanging dosey doe and I headed up to the house to start tackling the cleaning upstairs in order to get our homesick little family back in our old surroundings. However, when I pulled up and inspected the 7 exterior windows that had been trimmed out, to my dismay - they were...WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Following my desperate call to Jeff, he placed a much more rational call to the contractor. Once I hear back whether or not we can resolve it, I'll spill all the dirty details. Bugger!

In the meantime, the good news is the wood floors were delivered today and are acclimating to their new 70 degree home. That's a lot of wood flooring!

Giving the wood time to get accustomed to its new temperature and humidity will help prevent the wood from shrinking/expanding later leaving you with gaps/buckling in your floors. They'll give the floors a full 48 hours of relaxation before they start installing them on Thursday. In the meantime, they'll install the sub-floor tomorrow and make sure the floors are level and ready.

4 hours of cleaning later, I have the girls rooms all ready for them and the stairway/hallway looking spiffy as heck.

Thanks to this spare closet in Gloria's room, we are actually keeping somewhat organized through all this disorganization!

Jeff joined me at the house once his dad got home and the girls were fast asleep.

He was able to take up all the filthy plastic that we've had adorning nearly every surface in an effort to keep the dust from spreading to the upper level and replace it with new and more manageable coverings.

It's been a crazy day! It's pretty safe to say that we won't be reaching our goal of moving over to the house tomorrow...but we aren't far off. Another day or two of cleaning and we should be in good shape. Luckily, Jeff is off this weekend and things should be looking good by then.

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