Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I was wrong...there...I said it.

Well, I'm not one for admitting fault, but it turns out, I was wrong. Allow me to explain...

...When I got to the house yesterday and inspected the exterior window trim, I was alarmed by the fact that the trim along the sides of the windows and the trim along the top of the window were two different depths. Basically, this meant that the beautiful window headers we purchased to adorn the windows like a crown of jewels projected out further than the trim did along the sides (about 3/8th's of an inch). Here's an image...and I'm sure you are squinting to see what I'm referring to:

I'll admit I panicked and placed a cranky call, not a crank call, but a cranky call to Jeff throwing my hands in the air and breaking the news that we might as well just forget about ever coming back to this house because with a 3/8" difference in our window trim, the house will most certainly be deemed uninhabitable.

It's hard to swallow my general contractor pride and admit I was, in fact, wrong. After two calls to the exterior contractor and a call to the architect for confirmation, it turns out that this is actually considered 'proper installation' of the window headers in order to allow the rain to hit them and run off them vs run down (or behind) the side trim causing water issues. It even gets a special title - a 'drip edge.' The alternative would have been to add a 3/8" thick piece of trim behind the existing side pieces in order to get it flush. But this would have caused the side trim on the windows to project out further than the window itself, which would have looked even more awkward. So...the show goes on with a big old check mark next to my name for 'over-reacting' ;-)

This is a classic example of how these large scale projects go. It is so incredibly easy to lose site of the whole picture and instead focus on the 3/8" going on directly in front of you. Once the exterior is covered in all its siding splendor, the last thing I'm going to be TRYING to notice is the less-than-half-of-an-inch over hang on the side and back windows (remember the front facade is a tad different with the paneling around the windows).

In addition, all of the trim and siding are going up primed. The entire house will be painted once the install is complete. As the self-proclaimed non-visualist of the project, my multi colored trim isn't exactly making it easy to get a grasp on the finished project. apology to some of my finest Twin Cities Notables for questioning your expertise. I'm hoping to squeeze in another post later tonight with an update on today's progress. Stay tuned!

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