Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bites & Points

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Minneapolis the past few days and the sunshine is shedding it's glorious rays all over my new front door. Que the Hallelujah from above! Goodbye awful periwinkle-ish front door adorned with tile address plate and brass hardware, hello fresh, light-filled, breezy new digs.

The previous door was killing me...literally, killing me slowly by nipping away at my Achilles tendon everytime I came in or out of it. For some odd reason it seemed to try and bite me anytime I asked it to perform. The mutton-crazed storm door wasn't helping the cause and frankly, I was starting to think these two had some sort of beef against me. Today this battle has been laid to rest and I'm on to the new love in my life.

I can not even believe how a new front door can completely transform a house. In fact, if you are looking to change up your front facade on a minimal budget, a new front door would be some serious bang for your buck. Here's our before and afters for example:

I am loving the transformation that is beginning to take place on the exterior. Now that the doors are in, tomorrow starts the daunting task of trimming out the exterior. It's no simple job and requires a literal road map to make sure each surface is adorned in its proper trim trinket. Looking forward to sharing the inaugural pieces with you tomorrow.

On the interior, another coat of mud was applied to the drywall today and things are really starting to take shape. I've been keeping a verrrrrrrrrrry close eye on the new arch between the kitchen and family room. See the gorgeous shape of the existing arch here...

...that was perfectly replicated on the new arch between the kitchen and mudroom

Well, the arch between the kitchen and family room is clearly a much larger size than both of these.

Because of the way the kitchen counter will extend into this arch, it leaves limited room for walking under it between the end of the counter and wall. We wanted to keep the height of the arch in tune (or nearly exactly the same) with the existing arch, which meant the actual 'archiness' of this one is much more gradual...if that makes sense. So it's really in the hands of the drywallers to mud this arch appropriately giving it the same contour as the other two. It's lacking the point that the other two come to and frankly, it's driving me crazy.

When we brought it up to them today, they assured me that it still calls for two coats of mud and it will most definitely retain its archy quality I'm looking for. Let's keep an eye on it though shall we?

I had the GREAT privilege of meeting a most precious little angel that landed in the arms of my dear friend Terry yesterday. Grace Louise, we couldn't love you more!

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