Monday, April 4, 2011

Up, Up & Away!

We have reached the summit of Mount Schaffer Remodel and are on our way back home. Now 4 weeks into our project, we have completely demolished our main level, run all new plumbing, electric and duct work, replaced all of the windows, reallocated space by removing and putting up walls and completely reinsulated and sound-dampened the main level. And that's not all, the drywall was delivered today and the entire kitchen is completely closed up. Awesome!

With the drywall going up, us visually challenged people are seeing how things are going to look for the very first time. Despite my inane ability to find images I love throughout the world wide web, I am quite possibly the world's worst visionary. So today was a pretty cool day first laying eyes on how the space in the kitchen looks and feels. Now if I could only picture it with cabinets, lights, countertops, appliances, flooring, fixtures, paint and hardware.

As it stands today, the rest of the week will look like this:
Tuesday - Finish hanging drywall and tape. Apply first coat of mud.
Wednesday - Second coat of mud - allow ample time to dry
Thursday - Sand and prep for paint
Friday - Prime walls

This would be IDEAL as it would give us a day or two to really air the house out before we move the kids back over there. The priming, while stinky, is the most efficient way to "kill the dust" and allow us to be able to start cleaning without a mess being recreated directly behind us.

The exterior crew was put on hold for today while the weather was rather uncooperative this morning. However, they'll be back tomorrow to get boogying on the exterior trim. I absolutely can not wait to see all the trim start going on the house. She's gonna be a beauty!

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