Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Same old, same old.

Well, I just really don't have much to say today. It was quite possibly the worst weather day our beat down, overly well done winter selves have seen all season. Colder than cold (or at least it felt that way with the teasers of 70 degrees we've seen), windy, rainier than rainy and positively dreary. And the real kicker of it all? A complete wash out on the exterior. Argh. Weather, you are my nemesis.

So, while there was no new news on the exterior, it was more of the same on the interior. The tile is completely installed and looking quite dramatic if I do say so myself. The girls and I were out and about in said rain to pick up the grout, caulk and Ian's beloved 'grout additive'...a product designed to prevent grout from flaking by giving it a more flexible and sturdy quality. They are all set to begin the process in the morning. Yippee!

The interior trim that was scheduled to be delivered today was postponed until tomorrow. All of the roofing materials are arriving on the same truck, so we kept the two deliveries together to save ourselves a delivery fee. What thrify remodelers we are!

For my sanity sake, let's hope things are back on track tomorrow...and that means you Old Man Winter! Despite this positively dreary day, can I share with you the daymaker of all time?

My amazingly talented friend Stephanie Bloom captured this shot of my beloveds. I feel this captures the essence of both of them - silly, sweet, precious, happy, mischievous, energetic, bright-eyed and loving.

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