Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Homage

Today is Thursday, not unlike my Friday since Jeffy boy only works until 2pm and our afternoon off is the perfect kick-off to the weekend. So I seized the opportunity to meet my dear friend Noelle for coffee and then head over to the house to get a peek at the progress.

Whaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. NOTHING to share. Although there were two different crews working at the house today, there was literally NOTHING to show for it. I thought about photographing the drywall with another coat of mud on it...but I got bored at the thought of it. I was SO disappointed to pull up and see no exterior trim had been hung...but came to find out that it literally took the crew a full day to sort through what went where on the house and start taking the proper measurements to keep the siding on track and level as it goes up. Remember these shots of all the exterior trim?

I suppose this day of prep means things will be done right the first time, but it's really the first day of the project where things haven't visually changed. I was assured that we will start seeing exterior progress tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm back at the in-law's house messing around with my future gallery wall. Remember when I mentioned a while back that I had found these gold frames to stagger up our stairway in an effort to pay homage to our little family?

I love how the gold goes with the colors in the entryway wallpaper and runner

So, after checking out a few other home remodeling blogs, I decided to start by making templates of each of the frames I have. After buying out nearly every Homegoods in the Twin Cities of their gold, carved wood frames, my total peeked at 11 frames (4 - 8x10's, 4 - 5x7's and 3 - 4x6's). I simply traced the size of each frame on to newspaper, cut them out and repeated until I had as many templates as frames.

Next I measured out the distance of the railing that runs up our stairway and decided I would try to keep the frames within those parameters. My total space I was working with was 80".

From there, I just started placing the templates within the space until I came to an arrangement I felt made sense. I knew I wanted them to be really tight and feel like a continuous collage rather than individual framed photos. I photographed the final layout and noted where each frame hit along my tape measure.

The final step will be actually taping the templates up to the wall and driving the screws directly through the template in the proper spot for hanging. Pull the template off the wall, swap it out for the frame and WHA LA!

Now that I know the direction of each of my frames, I can select my photos and have them developed in their respective sizes. From there it's just a matter of getting them up on the walls. Stay tuned for the finished project I hope to complete this weekend. In the meantime, here are a few of the photos I have selected for the wall:

I still have a few more photos to decide on, but I think I'm off to a good start when it comes to paying homage to our little home.

**Please note that most of the above gallery photos were taken by my dear friend Stephanie Bloom of Stephanie Bloom Photography. You can find more information about her under my Twin Cities Notables tab*

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