Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things are still...complicated.

I wonder how many variations of this title I can come up with as I foresee the next 4-6 weeks as being…complicated. The hardwood floors were put on hold yesterday and ended up being finished up today. Wow…I thought the siding going up was loud, I had no idea how much louder it could get. The air compressor, the hammers, the drilling, the sawing…it’s a glorified orchestra of construction in here and the girls and I seem to be the only audience here to…err…’enjoy’ it.

Nonetheless, things are moving right along. The wood floors are finished and have left us with a sea of seamless wood plank. The floors do exactly what we were looking for with creating the flow through the house from front to back…really nailing home the fact that the addition added in 1960 was really here all along (now it’s just our little secret). The cement board went down in the entryway, mudroom and powder room today in preparation for the tile to start going in tomorrow. Remember how we initially received the wrong color tile the first time around…the new stuff is being delivered as we speak (and not a moment too soon). We will be all set for installation tomorrow.

We also gathered all the measurements we need for the interior trim order, had the ‘new’ old powder room door delivered and ready to be installed once the tile is in. The first of the cabinetry is still about 2 ½ weeks out, so that will give us time to trim all the windows out, sand and stain the floors and apply an initial finish coat (the last coats will go down once the cabinetry is installed and the workers are out of the house for good), etc. We have the painters on hold for the last full week of May and they will be the final step of the project. A good week of spraying all the woodwork and windows, painting ceilings and walls and with that my friends…all that’s left is the piece de resistance…the wallpaper! If you remember, the inspiration for the whole color palette in the house came from the entryway wallpaper – how fitting it be the final piece of the puzzle.

On the exterior, the siding continues climbing the house. The exterior crew kept their work low today should the snow and rain settle in…making breaking down their equipment a ton easier. They are in a bit of a holding pattern until those darn brackets arrive for underneath the overhangs. They are scheduled to arrive Thursday…argh. Things are really moving along though and it won’t be long before the house is looking rather finished from the outside. The exterior is getting quite busy-looking with the smaller lap of the siding, all the trim (and multi-colored at that), the paneling, door surrounds, overhangs, etc. Once it all gets painted (the trim in Benjamin Moore White Dove and the body in Benjamin Moore Plymouth Rock), we’ll be in much better shape.

Here are a few progress shots from today. I can’t wait to see the tile start going in tomorrow!

Above is the cement board they laid in preparation for the tile going over top.

Finally, we made a trip to the Easter bunny today. Here are the girls who were LOVING that big ol' bunny.

Also, another pic of Gloria who got into a box of crackers today under big sister's supervision:-)

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