Monday, April 11, 2011

A sea of white

The interior of our home is looking like a glorified asylum these days thanks to a hefty coat of primer applied on the ceilings and walls.

The paint crew was at our house this morning at a bright and early 7:45am to knock the priming out in one fell swoop. While there are few reasons to covet a splintery, nail-y, ugly, exposed sub-floor, one of the benefits is that the painters were able to spray the walls and ceilings. In terms of texture on the walls/ceilings, it really doesn't matter whether they sprayed it or rolled it (like when it comes to cabinetry and woodwork), but the advantage to spraying it is that they were gone before I got to the house at 10:45am. We planned to move back over to the house tomorrow now that the dust has been eaten up by the primer (a process often referred to as 'killing the dust') and the rest of the project is rather tidy. However, the fumes are still incredibly strong and not yet deemed 'safe' for my two (three) beloveds. So we'll give it an extra day and I'll spend tomorrow evening cleaning away at the house while Jeff stays here at his parents to keep an eye on aforementioned cutie pies.

Big news on the exterior, the first...yes FIRST piece of trim is now properly trimming the house. The amount of prep work it has taken to get this Mecca 'o Trim figured out is astounding. Susan our architect was back out at the house today to work through the mini, mini, mini minute details of the exterior in an effort to alleviate any qualms once the siding starts climbing the house. Our exterior contractor Jon promised me a trimmed out window tomorrow...and even teased me with the possibility of one of the front intricately paneled windows on tomorrow's line-up. I told him not to toy with me since such an occasion would call for a sleepless night of giddiness.

Without further adieu, here is the first piece of trim (See it there? On the bottom of the house?):

The images you see here are of a piece of trim known as the "drip board."

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this piece of trim as you don't see it on many houses and I think it adds such a tailored and tidy look to the house. This piece of trim will not be painted the body color of the house, but rather the trim color. It's also a smooth piece of trim vs the siding which has a cedar grain texture to it. But as you can see, this took all day to get on the house. Being that the siding will build up from here, a level drip board is of the utmost importance. It also has to navigate all the chotchky's that run along the bottom of the house like outlets, vents, concrete stoops, etc. But this petite little 6" board is rocking my remodeling world tonight. I can't possibly wait for a trimmed window tomorrow!

Let's look out over the week and see what we have going on:
Tuesday: Exterior trimming, wood floors delivered and acclimating
Wednesday: Exterior trimming, plywood subfloor installation
Thursday: Exterior trimming, wood floor installation begins
Friday: Exterior trimming, correct color tile delivered, exterior brackets delivered, wood floor installation complete

...AND, best of all, Jon shared with me today that he'll be bringing in an additional crew to get going on our roof already next week! We are cruising!

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