Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There'll be days like this.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And things were going SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well!

So, after more than a week of trying to get this tile prepped, cut, installed, set and grouted, today was to be the final day. The moment we all step back and admire our masterpiece.

Instead, today was the day we all stepped back post grout and realized that a good 5+ tiles were microscopically CHIPPED...and once filled with the coffee colored grout, seemed to be crying out in an act of desperation. For some reason, none of us noticed that there were a few very, very tiny little chips out of the edges of a few of the white tiles. However, once the grout lines were filled with their gorgeous espresso medium, suddenly it became painfully real that this was indeed the case.

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So...what this means is that all of the chipped tiles need to be removed and replaced with tiles that are not chipped and then regrouted. Thankfully, Ian ordered enough additional tile should such a circumstance arise. However, with having to replace this generous handful of tiles, we will literally be left tile. Nothing like cutting it close.

On the exterior today, it was nothing but hot air. I was giddy when Jeff alerted me that there was a truck full of scaffolding being delivered this morning at 7:30am. "YIPPEE!" I exclaimed as visions of shingles flying through the air danced in my head.

But alas, nothing happened. The roofing crew AND the exterior crew were here today prepping for the roof...but no one actually DID anything. I could feel my blood beginning to boil as I watched their trucks pull away with promises of "Monday" echoing in the distance. Booooooooooooooooo I say to them.

In all honesty, I guess it will work out quite slick having the roof start Monday. If you remember, the floor sanding and staining is taking place Monday-Wednesday of next week, which means we will be out of the house for 4 or so days. With the little pounding they did on the roof this morning to get the scaffolding in place, I was already dreading the noise that was sure to ensue once the singles started going into place. So all of the noisy, stinky stuff will take place with us taking our final plunge back out of the house before we settle in for good. Our exterior contractor Jon also told Jeff today that they plan to have the siding and trim completely wrapped up by the weekend...which means two more busy days of work left this week. We could sure use those as a morale booster...not seeing any visual progress throughout a day is quite possibly as painful as it gets.

On a brighter note, more heart swellingly adorable photos of the girls by my amazing friend Steph (you can read more about her on my Twin Cities Notables tab). Enjoy!

And if you've ever wondered what the girls and I are doing upstairs with all of the work going on downstairs and looks a little something like this:

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