Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thar She Blows!

It's official, my favorite thing on the house is the front two, main floor windows.

Today they received their mighty makeover and they've added about 50 years. Added you say? Yes, while a typical makeover is meant to erase years, if you ask me, their new detailed and handcrafted appeal has them dating themselves back to an era of quality and thoughtful craftsmanship.

I am looooooooooving them and even embraced them when I saw them (yes, it was awkward).

Jon of JYJ Construction has earned himself 'Man of the Year' in my book (next to my hubby of course who continues to win it year after year) for his ability to persevere through an otherwise daunting task of trimming these windows with all the tidings of good paneling cheer. And while they continue to raise questions with the neighbors with their paint-by-number look, I can assure them they will be show-stopping once glazed in two coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove.

The exterior trim has been quite an undertaking and we are nearing...ever so slowly...the finish line. Once the windows are complete, the next step will be installing another horizontal trim board (similar to the one you see at the bottom of the house) directly underneath the soffit on the top of the house for added detail. Next comes installing the corner boards and with that, the siding can start creeping up the house. There are still lots of loose ends to tie up with the fascia, soffit, bead board and brackets underneath the overhangs, pilasters around the front door...and of course, the entire roof. But, progress has been steady and the vision is coming to life.

On the interior of the house, the sub-floor is completely installed and the wood floors began going in today.

The house feels like it's getting smaller now that the 3/8" subfloor and 3/4" wood floors are collectively under foot. The wood floors will be completely installed by Saturday and the tile will go in the entryway, mudroom and powder room next week. By the end of next week, I've been assured the house is going to be feeling awfully finished aside from cabinetry and trim (well, paint too). It will be nice to actually be able to set Gloria down for a change instead of attempting to carry all 23 pounds of her around the entire time we're there.

Thankfully, Jeff has this weekend off for us to make our big move over to the house. If only I could get the motivation to clean those last two More to come tomorrow:-)

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