Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been a Good Friday.

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! The days seem to absolutely fly by with the bustling and commotion going on all over the house. Interior and exterior crews were here bright and early this morning despite the awful, awful, awful, ridiculous, hideous, disgusting, despicable weather outside. Hats off to them...I couldn't even stand having to run to my car 10 yards from my back door.

The interior crew laid another third of tile in the entryway/mudroom. The remaining 1/3 will go in on Monday and they'll be ready to grout on Tuesday. Yippee!

It really is looking amazing. At first glance, I felt like I should have gone lighter with the, err...light tile. It was feeling awfully creamy compared to the woodwork. But, at second glance (or second half hour of staring at it combined with Jeff's overbearing opinion that it's perfect), I decided that with the wallpaper, the creamier tone is going to blend better. Jeff had a good point also that white tile in a mudroom is an oxymoron and that the more blended tone will hide the dust/dirt better anyway. True that, true that.

On the exterior, the brackets were hung today. Yippee!

Everything is taking me a bit to get used to and I hold true to my thinking that once these layers upon layers of details get painted, the whole thing is going to tie together perfectly. But those brackets are so beautiful...and smell divine;-) Not as exciting details went on outside today also like taking down fascia boards and putting up soffit...but it's not all that exciting to talk about, so I'll spare you.

What IS exciting to talk about is cabinetry details and another star performance by our architect Susan. Let me break down the debacle for you. For our 'Butler's Pantry' (aka: glorified built-in hutch) in the kitchen, the plans showed the counter height to be 36"...which would make the counter directly under the window as shown here (don't mind that the cabinetry on the right side is glich):

However, like all construction projects, things change once the walls are open and things start shifting. Once this newly sized window went in, the bottom edge (that the counter is SUPPOSED to but up to) is at 40" rather than 36". Now 4" doesn't seem like a huge difference...but if you think about the fact that we'd be serving food on this surface and should a taller pot be sitting on there, it would really be difficult to get the generous helping I'm going for at that height. So, what is the solution? We've established that keeping the counter at 36" is ideal...but what do we do with the 4" gap that we now have between the bottom edge of the window and the counter? Enter Susan Nackers of VIVO Architecture:

I'm sure Susan would die if she knew I was posting her 'loose sketch' (as she lovingly titled it) on my critically acclaimed blog, but her ability to draw in 3D gets me every time. What you are looking at here is an elevation drawing of the counter, window and upper cabinetry above. What she is proposing is a 4" marble backsplash as we had thought of on our own...but to cap the backsplash with a small shelf of marble as well. The shelf (probably about 2" more like a ledge) will span the entire width of the counter top...AND actually act as the sill for the window. Not only will it just LOOK really cool, but it will be a great place to set things (serving utensils, condiments, etc). From the drawing, you can see that the little brackets we had designed underneath the upper cabinetry will come down to meet this shelf/sill surface...really giving it a finished and well thought out look. Love this!

The week ended on a great note (despite said weather conditions) and we are really in a good place as we close out our 6th week of construction. Jon gave me the great news that the roof crew will begin their work on Tuesday. My guess is the exterior of the house itself will be wrapping up in the next two weeks. We will still have the concrete to pour, back deck to build, exterior to paint and garage to side...but the house itself will be looking pretty spectacular. With the timing as it stands, my prediction is that both the interior and exterior will finish up pretty much at the same time.

Happy Easter my faithful readers. Wishing you a weekend full of family and friends and an abundance of Easter blessings.

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