Friday, April 1, 2011

The Golden Arches

What better way to end the week than a trip to the "Golden Arches." Don't go craving a Big Mac on me now, this is hardly McDonald's but rather, my very own homage to St. Louie. I'm talking about the arch between the kitchen-to-be and the family room. Friday Funday at our house meant finishing up all the final details before the drywall starts going up on Monday.

Now in the case of an arch, the framing is only step one. In order to get the precise arch we are looking for (remember we are matching the look of the one you see in the foreground above), it is a multiple step process to perfection. Next the arches will be wrapped in drywall and the final step is the daunting task of plastering the arch to get just the right contour we are looking for.

In other news, remember that exhaust stack from the furnace that we relocated in order to get our big, beautiful and open archway into the family room? (Here were the before and afters):

In a previous post I talked about how manipulating this duct work meant sacrificing sweet closet space upstairs.'s pretty sad.

We are left with but a sliver of space for a few folded shirts. Luckily, this room serves as our office for now and we have other storage solutions that work for the time being. But if it were to serve as a bedroom...or for resale purposes at a minimum, I think this closet would get a big ol thumbs down. For now, we are fine with it because a future phase #515 remodel might just include a master bathroom...which would mean opening this closet up once again. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though and instead, give two cheers for t-shirt space!

It must be Friday because we are having fun covering all kinds of topics tonight. Could use your input on these lamps I picked up at Homegoods.

Love their shape...but I can't quite pinpoint if they are more French than country...or more country than French. I love their traditional yet clean lines and their textured linen shade. However, they once again fall into that 'flouncy' (made up word), wish-you-were-more-saturated color that seems to be a trend in the bedroom. (Here's an image of the duvet we settled on since she's currently nestled in her dust-free home):

I also feel like this room can't handle ONE MORE PIECE of painted ANYTHING and could use a little sheen and sparkle. Good thing I still need drapery and a light fixture. Next Friday I meet with the drapery person, so I'll see how my fabric selection goes before I make a final decision on the lamps.

Somedays, I absolutely can't believe I have my very own chubby, chunky, pudgy, squishy little baby to smother in kisses. Feeling so blessed.

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