Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update In Photos.

As promised, I managed to run up to the house and snap a few quick pictures for ya. I met our second mason this morning to gather his bid, met a second exterior painter for his estimate, exchanged a few miscellaneous ramblings with the interior contractor, exterior contractor and gave a friendly nod to the roofers who always seem to be about 2 stories above me.

Here are a few shots of the stained wood floors with their first finish coat on them. The floors are literally sopping wet with poly in these pics, so excuse the mirror affect.

The exterior crew was buzzing away on the roof and siding. Here's a few shots of the finished 'corner' of the house and also an image of the roofing crew building out the roof as referenced in Monday's post.

Finally, Rosemary and I took Gloria for her very first haircut today. Here are a few shots of Gloria in the chair loving every moment of being pampered. That's my girl!

Here's the official 'after' photo:

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