Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the world...

I sure hope today really isn't the end of the world because I would never get the chance to enjoy my new cabinetry! The cabinets are fully installed at this point and waiting for trim. Of course, nothing is ever that simple and we ran into issues with two different pieces of cabinetry that will need to be fine tuned. All in all, with the amount of cabinetry we had installed in this house (literally on 10 different walls in our tiny main level), they did a great job.

I've been debating sharing too many pics in order to preserve some sense of a 'reveal' at the end. But who am I kidding? Is there ever an end (aside from 5pm today if that's truly the case;-) So...bring on the pictures. Feast your eyes on this beauty!

It is absolutely dreamy. I love everything about it - the seedy glass, the color, the amount of storage it has, the different dimension in the uppers, lowers, sides, etc. Of course it's still missing the base trim and crown along with the counter and back panels that will fill up the remaining wall...but I'd say it's off to a pretty spectacular start!

There is also the glorious start to the kitchen seen below.

I love how the sink portion of the cabinet sits forward and the sink is really a focal point of the kitchen. The missing piece here is the dishwasher that will have a cabinet panel on the front of it to carry the aesthetic through.

The mudroom is also filled to the brim with cabinetry. One thing we will never be short on is storage in this house! I can hardly wait to get everything unpacked and put away!

So there you have a little peak at how things are coming along over here! The cabinet maker is gone and the trim carpenter will be here tomorrow finishing up his work for the painters to get started on Monday. Let's hope the momentum continues!

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