Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down.

My sincerest apologies followers. It's been a while since I've missed a post...but my little blog host site was down last night and wouldn't let me in to spread my remodeling cheer all over your screen. Allow me to update you on yesterday's progress and I hope to get another post in yet this week of the finished gallery wall going up the stairway:-)

So...tons and tons of progress this week. For awesomely productive week that has me believing that our June 3rd finished date is seriously within arms reach. On the interior, it's been TRIM MANIA! In fact, the trim is literally finished as far as it can be without the rest of the cabinetry going in. So the interior crew will be MIA next week being that they are at their held up point, so we've called in the painters to get a head start on filling holes, caulking wood work, etc.

On the doors leading to the exterior, we did a more decorative trim with a header that is reminiscent of those above the doors and windows on the exterior.

Below is a close up shot of the headers. Of course it will all be painted our trim color vs the mis-matched materials seen here. Purrrrrrrty!

Above is a thoughtful detail we used to incorporate the otherwise homely looking baseboard air returns by surrounding them in base cap. Charmed!

Although it's hard to see in the picture, I love how the petite windows in the powder room and stairway look trimmed out with a sill and coordinating apron.

Finally, we ran into an issue with the cabinetry covering an air return that used to sit in the baseboard. Rather than moving it, our cabinet maker created a much more thoughtful register by actually cutting it into the baseboard. Lurrrrrrve it!

On the exterior, the house is finished! The front dormers have been reworked, the gutters are up, the siding seams around the house are caulked from top to bottom. I am seriously in disbelief that what started almost 10 weeks ago is now coming to an end. Shall we take a look at how our dormer dilemma panned out? Here is a close shot and wide shot of the original way we had them:

And now a close shot and wide shot of how they look now. Keep in mind that everything that ISN'T actual siding will be painted our White Dove trim color. So this entire paneled area from top to bottom will be white. I think it will make a real statement:

I am SO happy with how they turned out. The changes were small but critical and make such a huge difference. They feel so much more proportionate and blend with the aesthetic perfectly. I can't wait to see everything painted!!!!!

The exterior crew has now moved on to siding and roofing the garage. Once they stripped the siding off the garage, it was clear they had uncovered some rotten wood. It's not a big deal, just a few cuts to remove the wood that is damaged and replace it with new sheeting. Being that this is the extent of the rotten wood we found between the entire house and garage, I'd say we made out pretty well!

The above pics were taken of the garage yesterday and they are really cruising along on there today. The siding is already starting to go up!

A special shout out to our new swinging door that separates our entryway from our mudroom.

In our last house, we had a similar entryway with a door that we ended up completely removing and widening the opening to give it a more continuous and spacious feel. However, what we found is that any mess of shoes, coats, etc that laid strewn across the mudroom floor were exposed to every set of eyes that walked in our door. We also felt that the natural traffic pattern was to walk straight ahead, which led to our bathroom and shoe/coat/bag storage area. In this house, we opted to have a swinging door that I'm sure will stay in the 'open' position 95% of the time. But when we do entertain, closing the door gives the entryway a little bit more of a formal flare and also guides traffic into the dining room vs our hidden compound of muddy, sandy shoes. We used the original door that was there and converted it to a swinging door with hardware that looks like this:

(The hinge will be covered by an oil-rubbed bronze plate once the door is painted)
It will require some magic when it comes to filling in the door knob hole and old hinge plates...but we'll make it work.

So there you have it. The transformation is taking place and we are literally giddy with excitement over here! More to come...

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