Monday, May 9, 2011

Now is NOT the time to lose my camera cord!

My sincerest followers, it dawned on me today that I haven't uploaded any pictures of the house since we moved back in...meaning, I haven't had to locate my camera cord until this very moment in time at which I am UNable to do so. Please forgive me as I give this detailed depiction of what went on at the house today without any proof! I know of a cord hoarder who may have gotten their hands on it;-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for. Round 1 of the cabinets is coming!!!!!!!!!!! I feel a tad guilty starting my post off with such a pivotal announcement considering all of the fabulous work that went on at the house today. But I just can't stand the idea of having a real slice of home in this house come tomorrow morning!

Before I go gabbing about all things cabinetry, there was some monumental work going on at the house today. The exterior crew came dangerously close to finishing one of the top, front dormer windows. It's off to a charming start and is only lacking the fascia board, eve trim and the finishing touches to tie it back into the existing elements of the house. But the paneled detail around the window is really adding to the character of the house and I'm anxious to see it complete (as are you I'm sure, being that there's no photos and all).

The roof was finished today and the scaffolding was packed up so fast it's as if it was never here. While the roof of the garage still needs to be done, that task will pale in comparison to the undertaking the house roof was (with the building up and out of it). Our exterior crew will head up that project once they wrap up the house and move on to siding the garage (hopefully yet this week). Before they do that, they'll get the gutters up on the house so everything is ready for paint.

On the interior, the window trim is coming along and the idea is to keep plugging away on it until they are as far as they can get without more cabinetry. Tomorrow, the dining room and family room built in's will arrive...we'll still be waiting on the mudroom and kitchen. However, while we wait, those two rooms can be literally completely finished and ready for paint. My heart skips a beat at the mere thought of it. We REALLY, really, REALLY are on the home stretch.

So, tonight calls for a sleepless night of anticipation. Well, it WOULD call for that if I wasn't completely exhausted from Jeff working the past 8 out of 8 days with 3 days still to go. Oy!

Just a reminder of the upcoming schedule...will you PLEASE hold me to it?:
Monday, 5/16: Concrete begins (new back steps/walkway & footings for deck)
Monday, 5/23: Interior & Exterior Painting crews begin
Wednesday, 6/1: Appliances Delivered
Wednesday, 6/1: Security System Install
Thursday, 6/2: Wallpaper Installation
Now when are those counter tops coming?

Because I hate to leave you with only my poetic scribblings of home renovation, how about a few more pics from our recent family photo session:-) Promise more house related photos tomorrow.

Rosemary is 2 (although she'll be 3 in less than 4 months and on her way to Preschool!)

A little cute someone has a birthday in just 2 weeks! We did a few birthday themed shots in honor of the occasion.

Rosemary loves to pose. She is hilarious (and so, so sweet!)

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