Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shed a little light.

Today was just about a full bust at the house. No work, nada, nothin...make me CRAZY! The roofers won't be back until Monday to finish up the roof (but have assured me they only have a day of work left to go) and the interior and exterior crews will be back tomorrow to keep tying things up. I SHOULD give credit where credit is due...and I'd be lying if I said the exterior crew didn't show their faces today to throw a few gutters together. But what ended up being a gorgeous day sure started out sopping wet.

I have my first of the two masonry bids in. Once I get the other, I can make my decision and get them confirmed to start on the 16th. I have both my exterior painting bids in, but need to make a final phone call before forging ahead. So...things are in a good place aside from this cabinetry taking what seems like FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

In the meantime, I'm still working to stay ahead of the installation curve by having all the necessary materials on hand. That being said, today was my deadline to decide on exterior light fixtures. I checked out Lowe's which, in my opinion, has a pretty good selection of exterior fixtures. It may not have more than Home Depot, but I like their assortment better. I brought two fixtures home to try out and decided to go with neither of them. The truth is, I had already fallen for the Henry Street fixture by Troy Lighting. Luuuuuuuuuuurve it (as Rosemary would say:-) Here's a shot of it...SWOON!

I'm disappointed to share that when I finally got my order confirmation back from the bedroom drapery company, the curtains were a complete budget buster. So I'm back to square one on those puppies (perhaps a follow up post on these?). I'm feeling completely overwhelmed these days between the number of times we've moved in and out of the house, the amount of people in and out each day, the lack of ease it takes getting the kids out of the house on my own with the plastic draping and dust, etc. So, I've decided not to stress about the drapery...and instead, to stay focused on getting myself a kitchen. If the drapery comes together in the meantime, hurrah. If not, I'll only curse it in the morning when the sun wakes me up.

Side note: Southern Lights just called me to say the mudroom and kitchen light fixtures are in. AND, they took my order on the Troy exterior fixtures. AND they gave me 10% off. LOVE Southern Lights!

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