Friday, May 27, 2011

Deck Spec.

Today we closed out our 12th week of construction. WHAT a whirlwind! Looking back, it's hard to believe 3 full months has passed since the first of the walls came crumbling down.

All of it has been in an effort to get us to this final week. The week when everything comes together. The appliances were delivered today, the color is up on the walls, the final countertop measure was completed and the electrician was around beginning the first of his final details. With the condition the house appears to be in, I feel like there isn't a chance in heck that we will be as done as we need it to be by a week from today. But, we are on track and although there's a lot yet to finish up, it's doable and we are going to do it!

I'm not going to show any paint color pictures today. Ok, I'll show just one but I ain't telling what it's of:

I will, however, share some progress pictures with you of the back deck. These are actually from yesterday when they had the majority of the framing done and the top all put together.

It's coming along great and what a difference it will make not having to jump out of our doors;-)

The exterior crew will be back on Tuesday to continue work on the deck. The sides and front of the deck will have some paneled details to give them a little interest and a more finished look.

The exterior painters were rained out today, but will work over the weekend if weather permits. The wood floors will get their final buff and finish coat on Monday, which means no one can be in the house again until Tuesday mid-morning. From there, it's a race to the finish with the light fixtures/switches/outlets and cabinet hardware going in Tuesday, countertops and plumbing fixtures going in Wednesday and wallpaper and security system going in Thursday! When the heck am I going to clean and unpack...yeeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention Jeff worked all week, through the weekend and Memorial Day and all next week? Eyeyeyeye.

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