Thursday, May 26, 2011


My little Gloria Frances turned the big 0-1 yesterday and it's only fitting to take a few moments to honor my special little girl. I can't tell you how much I love having two girls. I never had a sister...honestly, never really had the desire for one as I have always been very close with my two older brothers. But seeing my two daughters together makes me realize how special a bond that I will never experience in my lifetime.

It is only through having girls that God has shown me this precious relationship that I'm sure will be tumultuous at times, but hysterical, comforting, supportive and loving at others.

Gloria, you have taught us so much in just one measly year. I never had experienced a fussy baby until I met you. I often think back to your delivery and how blissfully unaware your dad and I were of what was to come. Your cry terrified me. Driving you around in the car did nothing to console you. Holding you did nothing to console you. Laying you in your crib did nothing to console you. Giving you a pacifier did nothing to console you. You were a mystery and still to this day I can't quite figure out what it was you were so upset about. But a switch flipped inside of you when you started crawling and realized you could follow me and Rosemary everywhere we went. Suddenly, you were happy. And not kind of happy, happy like I have never seen before. You are silly. Even at 12 teensy months old, you joke with me. You will resist me putting your arms in your carseat straps and then laugh at yourself. I think you will be a bit of a closet comedian.

You are a fantastic sleeper. You sleep with a blanket and a gigantic stuffed purple duck that the Easter bunny brought you. You insist on snacking in the car and still refuse to fall asleep. You are pulling yourself up on furniture, but don't show many signs of walking anytime soon.

Gloria, you are an absolute gift to dad and I. When I watch you from afar now, I can't help but feel this overwhelming, indescribable, I'd-do-anything-for-you kind of love. Every ear-piercing moment of crying was worth it to discover the special little person you really are.

On a final note, your eyes have become your claim to fame. I am yet to leave the house without someone stopping me to comment on the size, shape or color of your beautiful blues.

They are an exact replica of your dad's beautiful eyes...but are quite stunning on such a tiny little creature. I can't wait to see the beautiful young woman you will grow to be.

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