Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plymouth Rock.

I was up to the house this afternoon to check out the exterior paint progress, check in with the exterior contractor on deck specifications and see how things were coming along with the interior painters. The whole gang was there and things were moving right along.

Here is your very first look at the exterior paint color. The color we chose (ahem, the color JENN of the Walsh Design Group chose) is Benjamin Moore Plymouth Rock. I was looking for a Hamptons-esque looking color and it really worked well with the shingle color we chose (ahem, the shingle color JENN of the Walsh Design Group chose) which was Mission Brown. The trim color is the same color we are using for our interior trim and cabinetry - Benjamin Moore White Dove which is considered a 'vintage looking' white because of it's gray undertone vs yellow/cream tone.

Only the very back part of the house is painted the body color. The area with the overhang is still just primed in the above photo.

Above is a shot of the trim color making it's way around the house. Siding is still only primed in this photo.

I think it's coming along great and I really do love the color. It wasn't until this morning that I noticed both neighbors on either side of us ALSO have houses in the gray family...but oh well...ALL the houses in the Hamptons are gray;-) As you can see, the windows are covered and there's been all kinds of spraying going on but nothing is actually finished. More progress pics to come later today.

The exterior crew was just getting started with framing the back deck/stairs.

Might I remind you this is not a deck by any stretch of the imagination. It is, however, a stairway made of cedar giving it a much more organic look than a concrete stoop. It will lead to...grass. Perhaps someday we would think of putting a patio in, but for now, we want to preserve all the grass we can get for the girls to run around on (with minimal bumps and bruises compared to a patio), so the deck stairs will be on the petite size, but will feature a few charming paneled details to keep with the overall aesthetic of the exterior.

Quite possibly my FAVORITE thing that was going on at the house while I was there? The company we purchased all of our exterior building supplies from (siding, shingles, windows, etc) was there picking up all the leftovers and working on getting us a credit back for all the unused materials.

It's about time somebody start writing US a check;-) Not only did this clear additional space in the garage...

...but it also saved us from having to figure out how to haul it to a place that could properly dispose of/recycle it. With 16' lengths of siding, it wouldn't have been easy.

A final note that selecting paint colors for an entire house (inside and out) is not my definition of fun. It's incredibly overwhelming and there's a lot at stake when you think of what you are paying to have it painted. Having to RE-paint a room is costly if you decide the color isn't right, which is why I turn over the decision making to a professional. Jenn thinks above and beyond what my pea-sized design brain can think of. I tell her the look or style I'm going for...or reference a store I love, a catalog I've seen and fallen for...whatever...and she takes it from there. For me, this is money well spent (and it's a very minimal investment). I see the colors she's chosen and don't second guess a thing. It isn't until the color starts climbing the house that I finally see the vision come together and it's by far my favorite part of the project! More to come!

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