Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twin Cities Notables revisited

Internal struggle #263: Can I add contractors I am currently working with to my Twin Cities Notables list if I haven't seen the end result. Verdict? No.

I have a handful of names I'm just dying to shout from the rooftops, but I don't feel it's fair to you to add them to my list until I've seen the finished product. Allow me to elaborate (because you know I love to). We've had some pretty fantastic sub-contractors we've been working with, specifically, plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians. And while all of their rough-in inspections are complete and passed with flying colors, I am yet to see an ounce of finishing work take place as we aren't quite at that point. While what goes on in the walls is arguably MOST important - some might argue that what matters even more is how it looks when it's finished. Things like: proper faucet and drain installation, perfectly placed and grouted tile, properly hung light fixtures, etc. So until I've seen these details executed in a way that could only deem them worthy of such a prestigious title, they shall remain in the next best place - this blog post.

You should always proceed with caution when hiring someone to work on your home - and even though you see them here doesn't necessarily mean that they are the right fit for your project. But might I suggest you give one of these fine craftsmen a call and offer them an opportunity to assist you on your next project.

Service: HVAC
Company: Hi-Tech Heating & Air Conditioning
Contact: Tim Holtman & Tom
Phone: (952) 292-5780

Service: Electrical
Company: Sky Electric
Contact: Rick Bokusky
Phone: (952) 888-1736

Service: General Contractor (He's doing our exterior but he also does interior work)
Company: JYJ Construction
Contact: Jon Jorud
Phone: (763) 551-3904

All of these professionals have exceeded our expectations to date and have made this remodeling experience...dare I say...pleasant. Here's to hoping they uphold this level of service and are deemed worthy of Twin Cities Notableness.

Rosemary and Gloria are both doing great these days. Rosemary is at such a fun(ny) age and with her new nuk free-ness, she seems to be talking twice as much as before (I didn't even know someone could be capable of talking as much as she does!) Gloria continues to have her fussy days with a sprinkle of good days mixed in. Her new tricks include Peek-A-Boo, saying "All done" and opening her mouth and saying "ahhhhhhh" to show you her teeth. She couldn't possibly be any cuter:-)

I have a meeting to get to with our architect shortly up at the house, so I shall leave you with a little video of Rosemary. We have been talking a LOT about school lately being that she's a "big girl" now that doesn't have a nuk and will start preschool in the Fall. If you listen in this video, she's actually riding this horse to "Kindergarten." So sweet!

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