Monday, March 14, 2011

Opening Up.

As predicted, today was a big day at the house. We now have the second crew (who are focusing on the exterior) well underway. In fact, when the girls and I stopped by the house today, we were quite suprised to pull up and see this:

The siding is coming down and I'm not one bit sad to see it go. The exterior crew (of JYJ Construction) removed the siding off the back of the house in order to begin framing for the new windows. We now have ONE window that is properly framed according to the new plan and installed. One down, 11 to go!

Inside the house, the walls are tumbling down...literally! The big old honking eye sore of a wall that's been blocking my view to the outside is finally gone. Take a looksie:

What an incredible difference it makes! The house feels a lot more modern and open to me now...which isn't exactly the look I'm going for. While I love the open feeling, it's lacking the little details that give old homes their charm. The newly framed opening is in the very early stages. That will become a smaller opening that is actually an arch slightly larger than the one you see in front of it. Also, those gigantic windows that are in the addition are becoming a 3 panel French door that will lead out to a small cedar deck.

See the big pipes in the middle of the newly framed opening? This is tomorrow's project. Opening this wall up to create the new arch means rerouting this exhaust stack from the furnace below. It's going to be a dirty job that requires messing with a couple of our closets upstairs. Boo. But in the end, I truly believe it will be worth it to keep the arch properly positioned to relate to the arch between the dining room and kitchen.

A few videos for you today. The first is a quick video of Rosemary as she comes into the house for the very first time since starting construction. Here's her reaction to what she sees.

This next video is of my little Go-Go-Dog and her attempt to crawl today. I don't think she's far off!

Hoping for lots more window progress to share tomorrow. And if we're lucky, maybe those big ol' pipes will be gone too!

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