Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Day #3

There was a whole lot of the same going on at the house yesterday. Demo, demo, demo. One full dumpster has come and gone already carrying with it everything that once made up our main level. The ceilings and walls are down, the original wood flooring is up revealing the sub floor beneath. Starting from scratch on the flooring is ideal in our case as it allows us to get all of our new flooring materials flush with one another (wood that bumps up to tile, etc) and will create a smooth and unrecognizable transition where the original house meets the addition.

We swung over to the house last night to "check the mail" (our excuse for checking on how the house is progressing) and I have to admit I was a bit taken aback to see this:

I can't believe how quickly the demo went. On our last house, Jeff and anyone we could bribe over to our house did the demo (thank you again to all of you), so the progress was slow going as Jeff does indeed have a full-time job outside of home renovations. Being that I hadn't been to the house in a full 24 hours, I was pretty shocked to see just how quickly your house can come tumbling down. But...that's the idea, right? Today we have a whirlwind of subs coming through the house to check things out now that the walls are open. Framing on the interior walls will begin yet this week and the exterior permit is being pulled today. Things are moving...and we couldn't be more pleased!

In the meantime, we are quite settled in over here at Grandma and Grandpa Schaffers house and Rosemary is loving being reunited with cable television - and hence, endless Dora episodes on DVR. Gloria had her top two front teeth come through and it seems to have relieved a bit of her frustration. Thankfully, both girls have transitioned over here for the time being quite well (great naps and great bedtimes)...and for that, I am forever grateful. Jeff wraps up an insanely busy 11 day work streak tomorrow and I am feeling grateful for a break from all the commotion this past week has brought.

Received word that the windows are being delivered tomorrow. Assuming everything goes well with the pulling of the exterior permit today, we are all set to begin window installation Monday as planned. Also received word the foyer wallpaper is in, the light fixtures are in and the tile is in. Moving right along here!

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