Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday we met with our architect Susan and exterior contractor Jon to discuss all the nitty-gritty details to making this home really spazzle (sparkle and dazzle combined). It's no secret I love trim and wanted to do something unique with the front facade using some sort of paneling vs the typical shutters used to highlight windows. Here were a couple of the inspiration pictures we found:

After Susan drew up the panel idea and we were able to see the elevation drawings of the house, we decided to go for it. Here's the look we are attempting to achieve (apologize for shotty computer screen image) although we have made a few modifications since this drawing:

Figuring out how to build these panels, what to build them out of, etc is a lengthy process of breaking down every last detail. Paneling around windows as you see drawn here is not a matter of buying a panel to fit. It's a matter of combining numerous pieces of trim to 'build up' and 'build out' the design in order to give the panels the dimension we are going for. We also used the meeting to discuss the exterior trim around the windows, around the doors, under the eves, where we would use bead board underneath overhangs, etc. My head was absolutely spinning by the end of the meeting, but we have a little time to get things pulled together as window installation is priority numero UNO!

We have decided to go with LP Smart Side for our exterior siding. This siding is a wood composite (vs a cement composite like Hardie Board). We used this product on our last house and were really pleased with the outcome. The siding will be installed primed and will be fully painted once the entire install is complete. For the majority of the decorative trim on the house, we will be using Fypon ( Here's an image of a house all trimmed out in Fypon from their website:

Fypon has an unbelieveable amount of options when it comes to profiles of we will be using quite a few different kinds in order to achieve the look we are going for.

Jon, the exterior contractor, confirmed that window framing and installation will start as soon as the windows arrive on the 14th. This is 100% IDEAL as all of the framing they need to do has to happen before we can start running electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Once their framing is complete, we can start getting the subs in (and out) of here! We are on track and all engines are go for Monday!

It's Friday! How about a little sisterly love to add to your day:-)

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