Thursday, March 10, 2011

Curtain Crisis.

Ok, there really is no curtain crisis, but titles are tough to come by these days. I've been looking for some inspiration when it comes to our bedroom drapery. Do you remember the bed I've been swooning over for the past few months? The Mendocino Bed by Pottery Barn. Here she is in all her glory:

The things I love about it are for one, the design would work perfectly being that our bed is directly in front of a window. A solid wood headboard would block all of our light and Jeff is picky, picky, picky when it comes to keeping the windows free and clear of obstructions. So this nice, light (yet substantial enough) design would give us enough support to prop ourselves up against, but not be an eye sore when looking out the window (or in the window!) The other thing I love about it is that it's dark in color. While I love all the light and airy aspects of our bedroom, it's crying out for something to pull it all back down to earth. I feel like this darker bed would give the room a little weight instead of being yet another flouncy piece.

So yes, I've been sold on it, yet it's hefty Pottery Barn price tag has had me in a holding pattern for almost 2 months now. I've been Googling my way around the internet trying to find it cheaper...and wouldn't you know...I finally did! I don't know what kind of a shady deal I've gotten myself into, but somehow, I'm getting a brand new Mendocino bed via eBay for less than half the price of buying it from PB...skizore! The bed is being delivered today leaving two last pieces to tie the bedroom together - the curtains and a light fixture.

I would really like to pull in more of the darker tones in the drapery to continue weighting down the room. I've been inspired by more graphic prints to play off the more linear aspects of the duvet and shams:

I love this pattern, however wouldn't do a primarily white fabric in an attempt to get that more substantial look from them.

And for the light fixture, this one caught my eye.

I need to double check the dimensions with the height of our ceilings, but I thought this would definitely play off the settee and continue bringing in that dark element without standing out like a sore thumb!

Today is a crazy day of deliveries, sub-contractor walk-throughs and final bid proposals. Let the rat race begin!

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