Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bathroom Illumination

A while back, you probably remember that I had placed an order for a pair of bathroom wall sconces for our upstairs bathroom. It is the only outstanding project for our beloved bathroom...yet you are yet to see how they ended up. Well, the long and short of it is that they just weren't floating my boat. They were a perfect match color-wise...and I mean perfect. So perfect in fact that they blended right into the wallpaper and were literally hard to see when the bulbs weren't illuminated. Here's what I'm talking about:

See how you can hardly make out the sconce on the far side of the mirror?

These were "Rose" sconces by Schonbek and had accompanying crystal that came with them. But, they were just kind of a dud. On their own, I love them...on the wall atop the wallpaper, boring.

So, I returned them (love that Southern Lights let's me do that with NO problemo) and went for something that is all white. Now white won't exactly 'pop' against the white wallpaper, but I think it will work with the tile, vanity and shower curtain more so than trying to coordinate with the wallpaper colors. I can add touches of color in the towels and keep the whole place feeling as sophisticated as birds, butterflies and flowers can get. Here's an image of the ones I have ordered. These are by Crystorama, part of their Paris Flea Market collection:

Here's to hoping they are the ONE (or two;-)

Finally, how unique is it to grow up in a family business? Jeff always has stories about growing up in his parent's pharmacy. He would walk there after school (his school was right across the street) and spent countless hours playing amidst the customers and employees alike. I can understand how unique this was for him now that I see our children doing the same thing. Here's an image I snapped of Gloria the other day while we were bringing Jeff his dinner. The employees just step right over her...tantrum and all!

Happy Anniversary to my in-law's Paul and Doris, who this month celebrate 40 years of owning Bloomington Drug & Gift!

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