Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look Who's Here!

Our bed!

Miss Mendocino (actually, her knock off from eBay) arrived last week and finally was assembled thanks to our anniversary. In other words, it took us getting a babysitter and sneaking out for an evening in order to assemble something without 4 extra little hands around to steal all of the necessary hardware!

It was super easy to assemble and is truly a perfect addition to our bedroom. For now, this is all the furniture we will be putting in this room. I do feel that down the road, we could definitely use an additional small dresser. At this time, Jeff and I are sharing a sock drawer and he has some clothing items stored in his nightstand. It'd be nice to have another 4-6 drawers for ample storage. Here are a few that had me swooning from the latest Restoration Hardware catalogue:

All of the above dressers are a pretty penny, so obviously these would serve as inspiration for something I might find off Craigslist...or maybe hit another amazing deal on eBay. 'Full Price' just isn't my middle name;-) For now, the room has evolved QUITE drastically over the past couple of months. Remember my old ironing board side table?

I can't wait for the dust to settle so I can put all the bedding together. And start getting some pieces hung on the wall.

Remember I was considering this light fixture for our bedroom?

I love this style of chandelier, but the dimensions definitely aren't going to work in our room. Not even so much dimensionally, but rather the placement of the fixture on the ceiling. If it was centered over the bed, it'd be one thing. But having a light hanging that low right near the foot of the bed is pretty awkward. The search continues. Perhaps this would be a nice statement light for the main floor powder room though??? Once the drywall is up, I think I'll get a better feeling for if the scale is OK for that tiny little room.

Last week at the house finished up strong with the installation of the front two windows, the framing of the new back door (which is now all set for door install once it's delivered next week) and the wrapping of the house in Tyvek.

The exterior crew will be back again next week to frame the exterior overhangs and finish closing up the side door and replacing it with a small window instead. From there, they'll be working on other jobs until our siding and trim arrive.

Jeff and I had a wonderful weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary. Rosemary is at a hilarious age where she borders on being somewhat cooperative - but is still very much our baby. She took this picture of Jeff and I on our anniversary (how grown up of her!) and wished us a happy anniversary about 100 times. The angle of the picture cracks me up!

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