Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday Gloria!

Please excuse my obnoxious narration in this video. Couldn't figure out how to make it a 'silent film.')

Our little Gloria has officially hit the 9 month mark! She had her well-child check up on Friday and the doctor reminded me she's now been 'out' as long as she was 'in.' It's funny to think of it that way. I must say, these past 9 months haven't exactly flown by. Gloria has been a much more demanding baby than Rosemary ever was. She has slowly evolved into a person we can all co-exist with...and I mean that as a compliment (there was a time when we may have 'voted her off the island' had the opportunity presented itself;-)

In our 9 months with her, I have learned that Gloria isn't exactly patient. She has quite an assertive personality and enjoys all aspects of life on the aggressive side...likes to be thrown in the air as high as can be, likes to be tickled, tackled, swaddled, bounced and rocked with serious force behind it! I've learned she's in no hurry to get going...why would she be when she has her big sister to keep her entertained all day? I've learned that without Rosemary, she is lost...and that she has absolutely no interest in getting to know strangers. I've learned that if I put a blanket on my shoulder, that she'll bury her face in it...giving me up to a 15 second snuggle that I eat up every moment of...other than that, no cuddling. I've learned that she loves Peek-a-boo, doing puzzles, singing songs and clapping her hands. Best of all, I've learned that I can sneak in her room all night long and watch her sleep like the angel she is. We love you Gloria Frances!

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