Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Day #1

Yesterday was such an absolute insane whirlwind that by the time I finally set myself in a chair, my weary fingers were too tired to type. The long and short of it is...demolition is underway. It wasn't easy getting there. Jeff and I were up late Sunday night clearing the main floor. Bright and early Monday we were up shifting the cars around to not have a car blocked in by the dumpster that was arriving (Minneapolis requires a permit to have the dumpster on the street, so we opted to just put it in the driveway for now).

Jeff wearily hobbled off to work while I attempted to get the upstairs organized for us, the clean laundry put away, the sheets stripped, mattresses covered, toys packed away, the last few items off the main level and clothes and food packed for a week...literally, in the nick of time for the crew to begin their work.

The kids were so exhausted and strung out from the excitement of the day that we decided to just head over to Jeff's parents and get them settled in. Gloria was sound asleep by 6pm and Rosemary followed shortly after. Jeff rushed back over to the house last night to fulfill a recent Craigslist sale we had, but that was all the energy we could muster up for the evening (we even skipped our favorite show "Intervention" to catch a few extra z's;-).

Here are a few more pictures of the house in its current state, with 1 day of construction under our belt and no more than 111 days remaining. Scroll down to the previous post for the before pictures of these same areas. There really is no going back now!

As you can see above, they removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen.

This wall is just begging to come down! This will be opened up to create a bar between the family room and kitchen. More to come!

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