Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brackety Brack.

The Butler’s Pantry is COMPLETE! Well, almost, it has some caulking and painting to be completed tomorrow, but all of the pieces are there and it is truly the centerpiece of the house. The last of the scraggly drywall edges were covered with a flat piece of ‘trim’ that was cut to fill in all the remaining gaps. The panels were added between the upper cabinets and the marble sill/ledge and the decorative brackets were layered in to complete the look. I think it turned out absolutely perfect! I couldn’t be happier with it.

I stressed for a long time about what the upper cabinet brackets should look like and did a heck of an image search on Google, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, etc. Here were a few images that caught my attention.

Slowly as I looked, I became more attracted to the simpler profile. Remember my initial image that inspired the incorporation of the brackets?

Our architect Susan came up with the design and specifications of these and I LOVE them.

They’re simple but substantial enough to be noticed and make a statement. They also give the feeling that the upper cabinetry extends closer to the countertop than it actually does. When we were initially designing the kitchen, I mentioned that I wanted the upper cabinetry to sit closer to the countertop than the more modern day cabinetry does as a way of keeping the charm of the old house (like the original cabinets in the home seen here).

The problem is it really impedes on your workspace, arm space, head space, light, etc. This was a great way of achieving the look without actually compromising the modern day convenience.

Before I show you the rest of the brackets, I need to get the drywall between the brackets painted the trim color for their final reveal. Believe it or not, the house is almost completely wrapped up! Here's what's left:

- Finish painting basement (will be done tomorrow)
- Caulk and re-spray crown and base in kitchen where cabinets were repaired (tomorrow)
- Fix imperfection in wood floors
- Install exterior light fixtures
- Install carpet in basement
- Order two new light fixtures for basement
- Install new shelves in basement closets for kids toys (next week)

Seriously? We are so close to being done for good and I can hardly stand the thought of it! I'm writing the final checks and paying the last of the contractors and how good it will feel not having all of that hanging over our head. Stay tuned for more on the basement overhaul tomorrow!

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