Monday, June 6, 2011

Exterior REVEAL!

It dawned on me yesterday that I never showed any pictures of the outside of the house. Silly must have been my delirious mind hard at work. I am draaaaaaaaaagging around here. Hubs has been out of town at a bachelor party since the crack of dawn on Saturday. CONVENIENTLY for him, I've been working like a dog trying to get this place unpacked and functional. Between you and me, I've been having a HOOT getting this organized again...let's not tell him though so I can force him to repay me with grand gestures;-) JK. Hubs is the box hauler and I'm the box unpacker. So I saved him a few trips up and down the stairs, but this really is my territory.

Before I get to the pictures of the exterior, must take a moment to reflect. It's SO quiet around here today. The HVAC sub is here today tying up some loose ends: installing thermostats, hooking up the duct work to the vent hood for the stove, etc. But besides that, it's been quiet around here. This morning the girls and I woke up and went DOWN STAIRS. What a change of pace for us. The girls played while I got breakfast ready. Gloria could keep her eye on me the entire time which meant not a peep out of my mama obsessed little girl. Although there is much to be done before I would call our project 'finished,' life has suddenly become so much simpler.

I pulled up to the house yesterday with the girls in tow and the house caught my eye. It wasn't until that very moment that I really took a minute to take it all in. Wow. It's amazing. It is an incredible transformation and in my opinion, couldn't have turned out any better. We are so pleased and have so many people to thank for their hard work and creativity! So...without further adieu...the exterior:-)

Obviously there is yard work to be done and loose ends to tie up, but it's come a long way from where we started!

More to come!

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