Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Post - An Organized Move.

It's me, the vacationing blogger coming to you pre-vacation to introduce this fabulous post. My amazing friend Terry over at Somebody Else's Project (www.somebodyelsesproject.com) did a fabulous feature on how to accomplish an organized move to a new home. I found this incredibly relevant to my Our Old House readers as at the base of all the projects we have going on here is a keen sense of organization. Because a major remodel almost ALWAYS requires packing on some level, I thought you'd love hearing from the Queen Bee of organizational moves herself, Mrs. Terry Braun! Terry, take it from here!


This is my prayer. This Friday we close on both our old home and new home and move. I still have St. Joseph keeping watch in our front yard (and of course my Grandma Elouise in heaven). Both are watching over us and making sure the transition from one home to the next is successful. And Grandma would have the same wish as I do….for it to be organized. So that is what I’ve been working on. Since we first sat down with our realtor I have been the “project manager” for this endeavor. I’d like to take a moment now to accept my round of applause.

Thank you, Thank you. I’d like to thank all those who have watched my children and dog and myself while we were displaced during showings, looking for homes and running errands. I’d like to thank God and of course The Academy.

Well the project isn’t done so I can’t take my final bow. I still need to make sure we have a successful and happy (read organized) move. I must complete the final step – packing for the move. (well, I suppose unpacking is the last step – but how can I mess that up?!)

First Step:
Organize Supplies into Packing Central – Coffee is most important!

Create a process:
Each box is numbered. Each box is also labeled with colored paper that designates its final destination in our dream home. The number of the box and its contents are recorded in a word document. I did some research on organized home moves. It was suggested that you inventory your boxes and their contents for several reasons. 1. Insurance reasons – in case something is lost you will want to know what it is so you can be reimbursed. 2. When looking for an item say wine opener…you’ll know where to go. There are others but these two were enough for me. I highly doubt something will be lost in the 12 minute drive from our old house to our dream house but you never know.

So. Numbered. Color coded. Inventoried. (what if the mover is color blind you say….there is also a one or two letter label “FR”=family room, K=kitchen, etc.

Start with the most daunting:
I decided to start packing the two areas I was dreading the most, that way I would be fresh and not at the “shoving” stage. I also, knew with these two areas out of the way I would feel a great sense of accomplishment and motivated to continue on. What were the two areas: Dining Room (namely China and Buffet) and the Kitchen. I am blessed to have my Grandma Elouise’s china. It is a wonderful set that fits “just so” in the buffet. (Read “tightly…barely fits”). So I took photos of how it is organized so that I would know how to unpack and replace the items. I also created a diagram and labeled the drawers/cabinets and the inventory sheet so I would be sure to return items to their lovely home.

We are moving into a sizeable kitchen with an amazing amount of storage and cabinets. I am very excited to have room for all my beautiful serving pieces AND all of Justin’s favorite “at the moment” kitchen gagets. I created a diagram of the new kitchen and labeled each cabinet and drawer. Then was the fun part, I got to pick out new homes for each of our kitchen categories (silverware, plates, Tupperware, pyrex, spices, etc….).

Ellie even got in on the diagraming.

Once I was able to pack those two areas I quickly moved on to others. I tackle each room the same way. What must we leave unpacked until the last minute because we will need it up until we are in the new house. (ie. Toothbrush, Grill utensils, pacifiers) These items I set aside. Then I go through and decide can anything be tossed or donated. Finally I pack. I keep in mind where I will want each item in the house and pack boxes by their final destination. All home d├ęcor items are being packed and placed in the family room. I figure from there I will be able to decide exactly where they would be best placed.

As I take items apart for easier travel I am taking great care to put all parts in a baggie and label what they are for. These baggies will all go in the same plastic shoebox. This way all parts are together and they won’t go missing.

There need to be some rules:
1. If you borrow something from us right now, you cannot return it until we are in our new house. (unless of course you are borrowing shipping tape)
2. Do not accept gifts pre-move. Anything that would need to be packed must be held and delivered once in the new house
3. At least one meal, preferably two, each day uses an item from the freezer.
4. I’m not packing trash – if you think you won’t want it at the new house…you don’t need to pack it.

I love this! I used some of Terry's tips when unpacking my 'old kitchen' belongings into my new kitchen. I loved the diagramming idea and had fun dreaming of how I would use the space. Thanks for sharing all your organizing and moving tips Terry! And by the way, you forgot to include a picture of your new hardly-humble abode. Good luck with your closing on Friday! I'll be thinking about you:-)

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