Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Address Numbers Revisited

I had high hopes to share the unveiling of the new address numbers on the front door tonight. However, due to the 5 hour long torrential down pour, I was unable to get the numbers adhered (should be squeaky clean and dry upon application). So, here's a little teaser of what arrived in the mail today care of Single Story on Etsy. Read back a few posts to hear more about the vinyl decal I had made for the door:-)

Until tomorrow when I hope to unveil the front door, I will tide you over with an image of a few other little detaily updates we made over the weekend. I referenced a particular address number font that I liked at Home Depot in a previous post. I decided to pick up the numbers to add a little 'fancy' to our garage. It's more common than not to post your address on the alley side of the garage for deliveries, etc here in the Mini Apple...so I thought this was a nice little addition to the facade.

We also went ahead and updated the hardware on the door we use to access our garage. Previously, it was simple brass and hardly enhanced the look of the otherwise plain landscape. So a simple Qwik Set deadbolt and knob paired with a set of $2 Home Depot hinges in an ORB finish meant a pretty spiffy looking door.

The best part about it is that the lock has "Smart Key" technology. It's a tad mind-boggling, but if you buy a lock that is noted as "Smart Key", you can manually key those locks to all use the same key. In other words, we were able to make it so a single key can open our front door, back door and garage door. How convenient! An added bonus is that if you were to ever lose your keys/have them stolen, you can simply re-key the locks yourself. Amazing, huh? The Smart Key technology extends through many different brands of locks as well. Our front door hardware and back door hardware are made by different companies, yet both can be keyed the same because of Smart Key. Three cheers for Smart Key!

I have my main design squeeze Jenn coming over this weekend to discuss the following:
- a paint color for the basement walls and trim
- suggestions of how to lay out furniture on main level and perhaps a few furniture selections
- window treatment ideas for main level

Can't wait to share her ideas with you! Until tomorrow, here's a shot of ONE of my absolute FAVORITE little girls:

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