Friday, June 10, 2011

Contractor Highlight.

I'm still in this state of disbelief that the house is nearly finished. Not only because the house has been structurally altered, but because it's hard to believe almost 4 months have passed since we began the actual construction process...and 8 months since we first began planning for the changes to take place! The other thing about this project is how great we feel now that it's done. With our first major remodel, there were areas of the house that left much to be desired. In the end, it was beautiful, but I didn't feel like everything was done as perfectly as I wanted it to be (note that 'perfect' to me is definitely different than 'perfect' to another and I often tend to be hyper-perfectionistic to an annoying level). With that disclaimer made, I sometimes felt like the only way to feel our last project was d-o-n-e was to wash our hands of it completely. It was hard for me to look at the things I wanted to do differently in the house day after day. Having someone come look through our home with a fine tooth comb and ultimately decide they wanted it to be theirs gave me the satisfaction that we built the home for them to love. We loved that home dearly and learned so INCREDIBLY much from it, but we haven't looked back since the day we sold it.

This time, I sit and TRY and think of things that I would have done differently (if for no other reason than to learn from them or think of future possibilities). But in all honesty, I really don't feel we used a single contractor that didn't produce work to the level that hyper-sensitive me has come to expect. Daughter of a facial surgeon, I come from a long line of pushes me to always do the absolute best I can, but also sends me spiraling to the land of never-never expectations. It is time for me to call out a few people who exceeded even my expectations. So with that, in the coming days/weeks, I will be featuring a few of these incredible peoples/companies in the Twin Cities. You will also see their names splashed across my Twin Cities Notables tab. Stay tuned for more on the following fine establishments:

Susan Nackers
Vivo Architecture

Jon Jorud
JYJ Construction

Keith Gilmore
Dakota Wood Design

Rick Bokusky
Sky Electric

I look forward to smothering them in compliments after all the wonderful feedback we've received on our project - as without them, none of this would have been possible!

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