Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Address Numbers.

For some reason, I'm super picky about address numbers on my exterior. I have no idea why, but they seem to be one of the last things I get around to adding on the house at the end of the project - very cherry on the topish. I'm not opposed to a simple metal house number, and actually, Home Depot has a font that I quite like. However, I saw a vinyl decal on an HGTV episode of Sarah's House and fell in love. I can't find an image of it, but the address was spelled out (Fifty Four instead of 54) which I found rather charming. I had planned to do it on the fascia board of the front overhang. Unfortunately, once all the trim went up on it, the actual available flat space became too squat to fit our big beautiful address on it. Then I came across this image via Pinterest and decided to go this route.

I thought about collaborating with my dear friend @terbraun who knows all things graphics and design to create one. But then I stumbled upon the Etsy shop 'Single Story' that actually custom makes them...and you'll never guess the price...$6! So I have placed my order for vinyl numbers in a white gloss finish (predicted to last outdoors about 5 years...however, being that our door is under an overhang...I'm thinking even longer?) So exciting! I plan to put them on the flat portion of our front door right beneath the glass but above the raised panel.

Stay tuned!

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