Saturday, June 4, 2011


It's 12:25am and I just finished cleaning up from the rager of all 1st Birthday Parties...which was after having the party, getting ready for the party, and getting the house to a point where it could house children without harming them. Not only did this mean moving all the paint cans, tools, lights, etc down to their respective places...but it also meant getting the house clean of all the dust and debris that's been floating around for the past few months. This was the challenge of all challenges and at this point, my dogs are barking to the point that I can't even quite talk about what a bear it's been.

In as few words as possible, it's meant contractors here working at the house until 9-10pm at night, Jeff and I up cleaning until 2am and having our children sent off with both sets of our parents for the past week:-( I'm ready to get back to normal life...if I can even remember what that is at this point. Is it living on the upper level of our house? I hope not. Is it living at my in-law's? THEY hope not;-) It's living here, in our house that we've worked so hard on for the past 13 weeks and is so impossibly close to being finished.

I'm here to share some preliminary photos with you today. They are awful pictures...taken at night (a few moments ago) with a mess of dishes still drying in the kitchen and toys scattered around the house. So forgive me...but I promised you a reveal day...and a reveal you shall get. There are all kinds of details still to come...the main ones being the remainder of the countertops that weren't installed today and the marble ledge that will wrap the perimeter of the kitchen. The kitchen is also missing the wood brackets that will sit underneath select pieces of the upper cabinetry. All of that should go in next more fun is on the way. But...without further adieu...your reveal!


Family Room (w/ B-Day Decorations;-)

Butler's Pantry (w/ B-Day Decorations;-)

Kitchen (messy & w/ B-Day Decorations;-)

Oh my goodness, did I forget to mention the entryway wallpaper? It's in...and glorious!

Again, these photos are awful quality and for that, I apologize. I'll be back soon though to share more photos with you as I finally get things unpacked and the final details come together. I shall leave you with an image of my little Go-Go at her birthday party. What a blessing she is...

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