Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kitchen Re-Reveal.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled basement overhaul reveal post to bring you a kitchen-is-finished post. The final pieces of the Butler's Pantry were sprayed and perfected, the drywall between the brackets in the main part of the kitchen was painted and the cabinets are all as they should be. It's time to deliver some higher quality photos of how the kitchen turned out.

Before we get to the re-reveal, let's go back to where we started.

The kitchen was in fact not located here when we began. We moved the kitchen into its current space (the former dining room) in order to make room for a 1/2 bath and mudroom.

The kitchen now sits in the middle of the home, sandwiched between the new formal dining room and the family room. There is only one window that is actually IN the kitchen proper...but it's on the South side of the house and seems to flood a steady amount of sunshine throughout the space. It also helps having the sunny family room with 3 panel french door on the East side of the house.

I have said it before, this kitchen has a 'look' to aesthetic that seems to carry throughout the pieces that comprise the kitchen. The bracket detail, for one, and also the mixture of materials - the honed black granite with the honed carrera marble, layered with the honed marble backsplash and ledge detail. All of this combined with the painted White Dove cabinetry and simplistic polished nickel hardware give the kitchen a classic, traditional and charming appeal.

Functionally, I have a few favorite parts of the kitchen. From the get-go, I wanted to have a laundry chute in the kitchen. For years I have had a pile of laundry at the bottom of our basement stairway - dish towels, dish clothes, bibs, socks, clothes that came in the door and were stripped off for whatever reason. I wanted to be able to toss them down the chute from the convenience of my sink and skip the whole lug-them-over-to-the-laundry-room-while-tripping-on-them step. So, we have a laundry chute in the bottom of the cabinet directly under the sink.

Storage is always tricky in a smaller-ish kitchen, but we really maximized the space we had. I prefer drawers over cabinets in a kitchen anyday. Big, deep drawers for storing pots, pans, platters, etc. The cabinets on either side of the stove are perfect for just such things as well as the plethora of drawers in the Butler's Pantry.

Speaking of the Butler's Pantry, I think it has to go down as my favorite part of the house. I love the color of the cabinetry so much paired with the polished nickel hardware and the small accents of pink in the light fixture. By the way, the Butler's Pantry is my favorite dinner date as I sit and gaze at it from the barstool while eating my dinner;-)

So, without further adieu, the before and afters of the kitchen. It still needs some more decorative accessories (LIKE A CLOCK), but finishing wise, it is complete and looking like a million bucks. You will probably remember these before pictures from my post of yore when I featured the kitchen pre-remodel. Enjoy!

...and here are a few more detailed images for fun...

Thursday is the final carpet measure for our basement! WOO HOO! They say it will be about 2 weeks before we get it. In the meantime, Jeff is downstairs cutting all the shelving for the playroom closets so it's all ready for dress-up by the time the carpet arrives. Stay tuned for tomorrow's basement reveal.

Rosemary asked that I include this picture of her jumping (on the basement carpet sample of all things) here it is:-)

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