Monday, July 18, 2011

Carpets a comin!

Friends, just wanted to let you know that we'll have some exciting photos coming soon. Friday, the basement carpet is being installed. OH HAPPY DAY! In preparation, I've moved all of the toys down to the basement for their final put-away once the carpet is in. I've still been housing some of the miscellaneous toys the girls use on a daily basis in their rooms (from when we 'moved' upstairs in March). But, I'm not all that keen on having toys in Rosemary's room because every so often she likes to get out of bed and play with them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! So, I try to keep the pickings rather slim...but without a proper place to store the toys, it's been tricky finding other home for them. So happy that Friday will mean crises averted!

The drapery should also be arriving by the end of the week. However, once we get the confirmation that it has shipped our way, we need to get on the installers schedule. Hopefully he isn't booking TOO far out!

The sod is on its way, but the completely erratic Minnesota weather has made for some scheduling issues. I'm hoping and praying it can still go in yet this week.

In other house related news, my house is absolutely SPOTLESS! I did a final clean, shuffle of stuff to get everything in its final place (except for basement playroom) and the house feels better than ever! I absolutely delight in a clean house and I can say with all certainty that at this very moment, my house is clean. And yes, I also realize that with two children and a husband, this will be its ONLY clean moment;-)

In non-house-related news, we've been busy trying to beat this crazy Minnesota heat. Gloria is nearly walking and Rosemary has become the queen of the one-liner. The things she says are unbelieveable. I have gone into a frenzy of anxiety over my baby starting Preschool in mere weeks. Let's hope the crying spells pass by September! The store remodel is also in full swing and has the employees and customers alike buzzing with excitement! It's going to be quite the transformation! Looking forward to sharing the before and afters with you.

Stay tuned for photos of the final basement transformation this Friday! Can't wait!

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