Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drapery Update.

Soooooooo...the drapery is arriving TOMORROW! OH HAPPY DAY! I tracked the shipment just this morning which said arrival would grace me by the end of the day tomorrow. Cue the angels! Because the mere tracking number just wasn't cutting it, of course I had to read through each and every word on the tracking page to try and learn more about the new addition to our family. Here's what I discovered: it's TWINS! That's right, there are TWO of them (boxes that is). They each are weighing in at 11 beautiful pounds!?!?! And...well...nothing else. But, that was enough to get me excited. UNFORTUNATELY, I can't get on the installers schedule until Monday or Tuesday of next week (I'm awaiting his confirmation).

All of the hardware is included in our shipment and it is most definitely an option for us to install them ourselves. But at this point, the details are EVERYTHING. The drapery is measured to go NEARLY floor to ceiling (a 1/4" reveal will be left between the floor and bottom of drapery to prevent the fabric from wearing along the bottom hem). If you remember, the idea was to create a backdrop to the bed - something dramatic that really took advantage of the ceiling charm. Here are a few old pics for reference:

So it will be 111" wide, which means the hardware will extend right to the 'creases' of the ceiling where they begin to slope. When in the open position, the drapery will just touch the trim around the windows and extend back to the ceiling crease. SO anxious to see it! It's really going to fill the room up and add another layer of texture and textile (which I so desperately think it needs!).

I'm new to custom drapery although my parents always had it growing up. My mom figured out that she pretty much ordered new drapery for the living and dining room every 10 the investment is not small, but it's a long term one. There is SO much to ordering drapery - type of pleat (if any), your chosen fabric, the 'times full' you want them, lining - if any and type, length, hardware, thickness of rod, number of rings, traverse or non-traverse, stationary or operable, etc. It's mind boggling. A few of the places I checked out were The Drapery Place in Richfield, JCPenny, Aero Blind and Drapery and Hirschfields. I felt the Drapery Place had the best selection of fabrics and their sales staff is exceptionally helpful and has a keen eye for design. The other thing I discovered is that drapery isn't cheap and if you find it cheap, then please tell me where. I had a hard time getting the OK from the boss at home on the drapery. The thing I really thought about is that the majority of the cost is in purchasing the fabric. It takes a LOT of fabric to make drapery, especially if you are using a higher quality fabric that is going to hold up over time. The actual labor of making them is next to nothing. For our one wall of drapery, we needed 21 yards of fabric. Start thinking of some of the per yard prices you see around and you can get the idea of how spendy you could make them.

Anyway, long story short, I'll tell you if I feel custom drapery is a route worth exploring. Jeff and I are both really excited and have already begun bidding the moon (and our neighbors) farewell from our bed at night. I so hope we love them as much as we think we will! Stay tuned for the before and afters coming SOON!

Friday is basement carpet install day! YIPPEE!

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