Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dining Room Light Fixture

Followers, do you hate me? I know, I've been a slacking blogger - a slogger if you will. But the extent of what I would have had to share with you would be:

- Paying bills, bills and more bills
- Getting estimates on sod
- Begging and pleading to the Drapery gods to have my bedroom drapery arrive

In my spare time, I've been COOKING, yes, COOKING! Remember back to my previous post where I referenced one of my goals post remodel was to get back to cooking meals at home 4x's a week. Well, I haven't made it up to 4 meals a week, but I have been doing TWO which I'm super-de-duper excited about. And by the way, we aren't eating out the other nights, we are consuming meals like cereal, PB&J, frozen meals, mac&cheese, etc. Must keep forging ahead in my quest for complete non-frozen meal-ness.

The other thing I love doing in my spare time is exploring blog world and the slew of interior design material on the world wide web. I recently came across an image that had me at hello. This shall serve as my dining room light fixture inspiration:

Can you hear the angels singing? I feel as though there are a million and a half of these TYPES of chandeliers out there - the shade combined with the crystal droplets. But this one speaks to me in a proportional way...the overly lengthy, narrow shades, the dramatic crystals that fall far beyond the shade and the leggy brass arms that are so simple and vintage feeling. I am on the QUEST for this light. So far I struck out at Southern Lights, so my search has gone viral. Wish me luck!

The other thing I love about this image is the visual it gave me of the woven wood romans in a dining room. This photo put my mind at ease a bit since the room pictured has a very traditional feel with the white moulding and paneling, yet the punch of wood tone on the windows definitely breaks up the otherwise white feel of the room and adds a bit of texture. While we lack the gorgeous paneled walls, we do have a sea of white on one side of our dining room with the built-ins that climb the north wall. Here are a few photos of the space for visual sake.

We left our mantel in the original state. Someday, I would love to have the cabinet maker build a big old paneled white mantel to balance the built-ins. But for now, it's nice to have a reminder of the original home. In fact, let's take a look at a few before and after's just for fun:-)

(Earliest 'before' - the MLS photo from when we purchased the home in October, 2010)

(Night before demo began)


Stay tuned for completed sod photos, one more week until basement carpet install and received confirmation that the drapery will ship out on Monday...yeeks!

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