Friday, July 22, 2011

Adding 200 Square Feet in a day!

It's in...the basement carpet is in and our home has grown 200 square feet in a mere hour of work. What was once unusable (or rather just plain scary) space is now a fresh and welcoming room for us to use as a playroom. The best part about this space is that although it will function as a playroom for us, we kept it neutral enough that it could easily transition to a family room or more grown up hang out area for our kids someday. Of course, that also means it could function as either such space for a potential buyer if we decided to go that route as well.

With all that said, we love the carpet. The color is a tad more brown than I thought it was going to be, but it still works and I'm just so relieved to have it in I probably wouldn't mind if it was chartreuse. It's soft and comfortable to sit and play on and the subtle pattern adds an element of interest to an otherwise uninteresting space. The painted knotty pine walls are actually rather charming and show all kinds of character through their now monochromatic look. The only thing that we so desperately need now is the light fixtures. With that, it's a brand new space.

You might notice in the pictures that the handy hubs has been busy installing shelves, hanging bars, new outlets, outlet covers and a crisp white baseboard register. We definitely need some pizazz like some artwork on the walls and a few IKEA pieces for added storage, function and fun - but like everything else, we can accumulate them over time.

I hardly had a SECOND to snap a photo of the room empty before the toys started filling the space and the girls started tearing things apart. Here were the few initial photos I captured:

...and here's how the room looked not 10 minutes later...

It's rather bland for now, but it's functional and clean and I absolutely LOVE that. It will be fun personalizing the space with the girls over the coming weeks and months!

On with the show! Monday at noon is the drapery install and Tuesday is sod install. Woo to the Hoo!

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