Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pack It Up!

I don't know if there's any sort of an award for the person who has packed and unpacked their house the most times in 3 years, but if there is, I think I've got it in the bag. We sold our condo that I first owned after moving back from New York in November of 2007...and packed it up. We moved into our previous residence in December of 2007 and unpacked it all. We began the remodel of that house in May of 2008, which meant we packed everything up and moved it to the garage (that house was completely gutted). In December of 2008, we moved back into that house...and unpacked everything. We sold that house in July of 2010...and packed it all up again. We moved into our current residence in November of 2010 and unpacked it all. Here it is February of 2011 and wouldn't you know I'm packing it all up again! Eyeyeyeye!

As much as I can't even stand the THOUGHT of packing everything up...let alone actually doing it...I have the Permit for our project sitting right where I can see it, reminding me with each roll of bubble wrap that this will all be worth it. And I must say, I have my technique pretty darn fine tuned these days and things are moving along rather quickly. Fortunately, we are only packing up one level this time.

Jeff and I were talking the other day about if we thought we'd ever sell this house. We both agreed immediately that we will never move again without hiring movers. With kids, it's just TOO much trying to keep them settled as long as possible...but with enough time that you don't kill yourselves getting the job done!

I was envisioning myself anxiously unpacking these very boxes and getting everything organized in its respective spot come summer. Just need to keep my eye on the prize. In the meantime, my prize is this fabulous roll of bubble wrap that I swiped from Bloomington Drug along with the rest of their boxes they had in the dumpster being recycled. Every so often, it pays to know someone with a drug store!

Finally, remember that old shadow box I was working on for Gloria's room? I wanted it to include a few mementos from her first year of life (like her Baptism invitation, her birth announcement and our family picture)? Well, after arranging and rearranging and arranging it again, I ended up settling on this design.

While it's true it now contains none of the items I intended for it to hold, I actually prefer the simplicity of this and can easily switch things out and rotate other display objects/photos as I find them. This was that cross I made for Gloria a while back. I think it's a nice addition to her little room.

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