Friday, February 11, 2011

Finishing Touches

Over the last few days, a few of the finishing touches have been added to the upstairs. Wouldn't it be nice to have the upstairs completely finished before we start on this next phase of construction chaos? Especially since it will be acting as our haven for the next few months.

Well would you look what the cat dragged in. Guess who finally decided to show up? Our settee! Oh is she a beauty!

We now have all of the pieces of furniture in our bedroom and it is screaming out for drapery, bedding, lamps and accessories. Jeff and I had a little moment of giddiness this morning as we strutted around our cool, grown-up furniture...mind you, the ONLY furniture we've ever purchased together!

In the upstairs (and only) bathroom, the final piece of the new shower fixture was finally installed. The majority of this fixture was installed months ago when the bathroom was completed. However, we've been waiting on a backordered piece that was needed in order to install the tub spout.

So...we finally have a tub spout and can properly bathe Gloria outside of the kitchen sink. Now all we need is a little water pressure so we can actually use the hand shower...for now, it's more of a trickle feature;-)

We also finally moved the tiny little desk we've had perched in our kitchen as a computer station to its proper place in Gloria's room.

I think it works perfectly in there and gave us a nice little spot to eventually get around to hanging this picture (love this little piece from Homegoods!)

Being that Gloria is nearly 9 months old and still not the slightest bit interested in crawling...I imagine it will be QUITE some time before I find her coloring here:-)

Now all we are waiting on is the window treatments, which probably won't arrive for another 5 weeks or so.

I'm continuing my mad dash to have everything ordered for the remodel. Here are my latest finds:

The pedestal sink and toilet for the main floor powder bath. The one that I found and fell in love with would have required us taking out a second mortgage (here's a pic of it...may it RIP):

But I found this one that is the perfect dimensions for the teeny tiny bath and has a similar feel (for 1/5th of the price of my inspiration one).

Here's the coordinating toilet. I love how the top replicates the back of the sink. I also like the flat rectangular bottom. I think it gives it a vintage feel (and perhaps easier to clean?) Both of these products are by Barclay.

I needed 3 matching ceiling fixtures for in the mudroom. I fell in love with an image I saw by Martha Stewart lighting...but came to find out that her entire line was discontinued. ARGHHHHHHH! Off to Google I went to try and find someone with a few of them they were trying to get rid of...and wouldn't you know I found them! WHOOPIE!'s what will light the mudroom:

They will be in this oil-rubbed bronze finish along with the rest of the house, however, the kitchen will be finished in polished chrome.

Speaking of polished chrome, I've run into one snaffu on my little ordering binge. I am having the DARNDEST time finding a decent looking schoolhouse pendant with a polished chrome finish. I am quite the little Googler and am yet to come up with a few decent options in the dimensions I need. Most EVERY company carries them in polished nickel however. This led me to question whether our finishes in the kitchen should be all polished nickel vs polished chrome???? Insert Facebook poll here along with an urgent call to my color girl Jenn. The jury is still out.

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