Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lighting Woes.

Remember the perfect little light fixtures I found for the mudroom? They were discontinued Martha Stewart fixtures that I managed to find a few leftovers of via Google? Well, I just received word that it was a mistake and they are indeed out of stock. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So, let's take a moment to put these light fixtures to rest:

Ok, time to move on (which I'm clearly having a hard time doing). I need a replacement. Remember, this is a very small area, there will be 3 fixtures IN this small area, the finish will be oil-rubbed bronze and the dimensions shouldn't be greater than 8" in diameter. I loved that the previous fixture coordinated...but wasn't too matchy matchy. The search continues...

I love light fixtures. I think it's one of those things you can switch out and completely change a room. Here are a few references I use when searching for the perfect light fixture:

Hudson Valley
This is my go-to company for vintage looking light fixtures.

For more antique looking crystal, Crystorama tends to have relatively reasonably priced fixtures. When ordering a fixture with crystal, you can keep cost down by going with the lowest 'grade' of crystal (which I think is essentially cut glass). I can't tell the difference...and you can save nearly 50% by not going with the authentic stuff.

This company specializes in crystal. They have everything from contemporary to antique fixtures. The thing I love about Schonbek is that their fixtures come in 12 different metal finishes (every patina'd look under the sun) and their colored crystal pallet has like 20 varieties of color combinations.

School House Electric
I love this website and how interactive creating a fixture can be. You can choose from the extensive collection of glass that comes in all kinds of colors, designs and shapes.

Rejuvenation Lighting
Another great site for vintage inspired lighting

Now a lot of these companies can be found cheaper, without sales tax and with free shipping by purchasing them through Lighting Universe ( However, I tend to purchase the majority of our light fixtures through Southern Lights in Burnsville, simply because you can order the fixture, take it home, decide you don't like it and bring it back for a full refund within 30 days. No muss, no fuss! I also am never afraid to ask for their "very best price" when ordering a few fixtures at a time. I've never gotten an eye roll for asking and it typically saves me another 10%.

We received word today that the contractor wants to begin demo-ing the main level next week! We will wait until Monday to make the final start date decision when we will receive a firm commitment on our window delivery date. Assuming they are coming on schedule and we have our ducks in a row on our end (meaning the entire main level packed up, a 'modified home' established for ourselves upstairs and all of our belongings in the basement sealed, covered and protected), we are all set to move forward. Since they'll be pulling up the sub floor on the main basically leaves a gaping hole for all of the debris to fall into the basement. So we need to make sure we have everything protected.

Finally, a shot of my little Gloria. My dad took this picture while we were on our trip and sent it to me via email. When I opened the email, I was shocked by her uncanny resemblance to someone I know...but I can't figure out who? Is it Jeff? Me? My brother Matt?

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