Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! This marked Gloria's first official Valentine's Day and she added a great deal of noise to the day. She has two little teeth just BEGGING to poke through...if only they would to spare her anymore agony. She's not been eating well and fussy in general...nothing out of the ordinary for my little noise maker, but this time, for good reason. Here are the girls with their Auntie Kristen who of course came over with pockets full of goodies:

Speaking of noise makers, today is also my dear mother's 66th birthday! We celebrated with a surprise lunch with my dad and brothers, cousins Julie (Bulie) and Jessica and the grandkids (those not in school anyway). It was a lot of fun and my mom was sure to let us know how memorable it made the day for her. Here were a few quick shots I managed to snap:

Tomorrow is what we HOPED would be demolition day...yet tomorrow will come and go without so much as the swing of a sledge hammer. We are patiently (impatiently) waiting on the arrival of our windows before we start the demolition process. While theoretically, we COULD demo tomorrow...the problem arises once everything is cleared out and it's time for the next step...framing and installing the windows. If the windows aren't here, the framing and install can't happen. So yes, we could demo tomorrow and sit in the house with the main level demolished twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next step to happen...OR, we can wait an extra week or so and have the windows here and ready to install. Ultimately, the project doesn't finish sooner by demoing why not wait and stay settled while we can. So...that's the plan. Once we have the official delivery date for the windows, we'll work backwards and start demo one week prior so the job site is 100% cleared and ready for the exterior contractor to bring his crew in.

In the meantime, Jeff and I are jetting out of town this weekend for a little relaxation before our life is turned upside down again. We are spending the weekend in Los Angeles to see the premiere of a documentary that my former boss at Bumble created.

Here's the web address so you can read more about his work: I am SO looking forward to seeing it and reconnecting with so many of the people that were apart of my life at Bumble. Also looking forward to sharing more about our experience when we get back. A huge thank you to our friend Angela who lent me suitable attire for such an event...and another huge thank you to my parents for caring for our children all weekend. It's no easy job and we appreciate it SO much!

This week my plan is to get detailed pics of the house pre-remodel. I'll be sure to share them with you when I do since we really haven't had many people in this house at all (no furniture + no dishwasher = not ideal entertaining home). I am also planning to do a feature on the basement which you really haven't seen much of. Accompanying it will be our plans for its temporary facelift until the big overhaul happens down the road. For now, it will serve as a fantastic playroom for the kids. Finally, here are a few pictures of two of my favorite Valentines:-)

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