Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Jeff and I made it home today after a fabulous and equally tumultuous weekend away. We had an absolute blast. It was so much fun spending time just the two of us, remembering ourselves as friends before parent, co-worker, roommate, caregiver, provider...and all the other many hats we each wear throughout a single day. This weekend, we were young again with not a care in the world.

(The Hollywood sign is itty-bitty up on the hill in the background;-)

We dined like king and queen thanks to several fabulous restaurant recommendations from friends (thanks Katye and Carlos!) After a smooth flight in, renting a car and settling into our hotel, we headed to Santa Monica for a day of lunching by the water, shopping and strolling along the beach. Friday we did all things Hollywood including a stop in Beverly Hills for breakfast, taking in the sites of Hollywood Boulevard and taking ourselves on a self-guided tour of celebrity homes in the Hollywood Hills (thanks to the $5 map you can buy on the street!) My favorite house was Jay Leno's...Dr. Phil's wasn't too shabby, nor was Halle Berrys! Saturday we spent the day driving along the coast from Santa Monica all the way to Long Beach. We stopped along all the beach towns to check out their shops, indulge in some tasty treats...and even took a little break at Trump National Golf Club for an afternoon cocktail overlooking the SPECTACULAR sites around Catalina Island.

Here was the view we enjoyed over a glass of wine. Saturday night we dined at Gladstone's in romantic and such amazing food.

But of course, the real reason we decided on this last minute trip was to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Vidal Sassoon The Movie.

The film is produced by Michael Gordon, the founder of Bumble and bumble. and my former boss in New York City. Michael is unique in the sense that he possesses such an incredible business sense, but at the same time, is unmistakably creative and innovative. Being that he's talented in both areas meant I knew viewing this film would be an opportunity I absolutely couldn't miss. The film premiered on Friday at the Sunset 5 Theater in Hollywood. It was impossible for me to wipe the ridiculous smile off my face that was there throughout the entire movie...even though I knew how silly I must have looked. Partly, I was fascinated by seeing Michael again and being reminded of his passion and eloquence, but also, the history and biography of Vidal Sassoon and his contributions to fashion, beauty and the overall image of women today was mesmerizing. As if the film itself wasn't enough, the surprise appearance by Vidal following the screening capped off the perfect evening.

A little dinner and drinks with my dear friend from Bumble, Carlos...and the evening was complete.

I won't go into the exhausting details of our attempt to get home despite a major blizzard encompassing the entire Midwest...but it was exhausting and threatened to taint our perfect trip. Yet sitting here writing this with my babies tucked in their beds means all is well in the world. After a weekend away, Jeff and I are refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for our next challenge...undoubtedly, the remodel. More to come on that tomorrow! In the meantime, we had the pleasure of watching our little friend Elouise today (yes, I wrote this last night and am now adding to it). How precious a gift are little girls!

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