Sunday, January 16, 2011

Duvet Love?

I'm PICKY, PICKY about duvet covers. In fact, the deliciously cozy down comforter we received as a wedding gift has been hibernating in a closet for the past 3 years as I combed the world in search of a duvet cover that I loved. YET to find that perfect duvet means putting the curtains on hold in our bedroom as my girl Jenn suggested the bedding be settled before finding something to coordinate. So, I've been through about a million different options and think I finally found the one. Could it be that we can retire my old college comforter once and for all?

Before the big unveiling, let me remind you of a few fixed items that need to work with the duvet. 1) The wall color: Benjamin Moore Sweet Spring - a very soft green, #2) The oatmeal colored linen that the settee is upholstered in, #3) The carpet color, a sisal looking natural sand color and #4) The warm white color that most of the furniture is finished in. Not to be forgotten as well would be the runner which is right outside the door that has a mixture of blue, gold and ruby colors. Here's a shot of the bare bones room:

And a close up of the runner and a shot of the hall right outside the bedroom door:'s what I'm thinking for the duvet:

YES it's feminine, but I think the colors are perfect. The green of the walls, the blue of the runner, the ivory of the furniture and the pink of my heart. Remember these images I've referenced from previous posts. I feel like the duvet falls in between these two. The first image is of the wallpaper we plan to put in the foyer and the second image is of a wallpaper I found in an image online and loved. The duvet tying in with the wallpaper in the foyer makes the two levels feel connected from beginning to end:

I want to pair the duvet with this accent pillow which I'm also crazy about:

I'm also seeing this striped fabric or a similar stripe as the curtains on either side of our windows behind our bed. And once I sell all my current Craigs List items, I could use the funds to snag this bed to complete the picture:

So...we shall see! The duvet...along with the armoire will be arriving this week. Hopefully the room will start taking shape and we can finally get that comforter out of storage.

All 4 of the bids are in from the four General Contractors we interviewed. Stay tuned this week as we introduce you to our new contractor and get a timeline in place for demolition. Whoop whoop!

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