Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could This Be Love?

Well, my duvet search has continued high and low and I think I finally found 'the one.' It's really NOT what I was looking for. I kept thinking of some sort of large floral print - colorful, bold, vintage inspired. I found this pillow in an Etsy shop and immediately fell in love with it. I thought I would end up with something along these lines.

After countless floral prints to no avail, I stumbled across this understated duvet at Macy's (my first actual in-store shopping experience as getting the girls out between nap schedules and sub zero temps seems impossible these days).

It fits my duvet criteria because it's A) Ivory and B) a large scale print. Here's a few shots of it in our bedroom:

The colors are undoubtedly perfect - the deeper shade of blue/green is straight out of the hallway runner and the lighter shade of green is a nearly perfect wall color match. And the purple favorite color. It also ties in Gloria's wall color and the purple in the bathroom wallpaper. My favorite part about it is the background has a subtle sheen and subtle pattern that pops when the light hits it just right.

I also love the stripe along the perimeter that softens it's otherwise traditional edge. While out and about, I picked up the coordinating bedskirt and Euro shams (all on sale for 60% off) which also have the same more geometric look as the edging on the duvet.

So, now to find drapery to coordinate. I am still really picturing a stripe on the drapery fabric. I also want to try pulling in more bolder variations of the colors in the duvet...all of which are otherwise quite serene. Again, with the light wall color, neutral carpet and painted furniture, it could all use a punch of color to tie it all together (black? Eggplant? A deep green/blue?)

And with that, my duvet search has come to an end. Hopefully the room will start taking shape now. The Armoire arrived last week...but wouldn't fit up the stairs. Huzzah! Let's hope adding a few more men to our man power might do the trick in somersaulting it up our tiny staircase.

Tonight we attended the Sno Ball dance at Rosemary's future school, Blessed Trinity. How much more fun could it be? A live band, kids dancing like crazy, a meal shared among families...what a Saturday night. I'll leave you with a shot of Rosemary cutting a rug on the dance floor with one of her BFF's Elouise. What a great night!

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