Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deetsy Cat & Go Go Dog

It's been a quiet week in terms of home remodeling business. We are in a holding pattern until we receive that final set of prints along with the sign off from the Structural Engineer before Ian can head down to the city for our permit. I have to say, the break is welcomed...especially since Jeff has been working overtime these past two weeks and our family has come down with some version of the plague.

Thought this would be a great time to post a little update on the girls:-)

Rosemary is officially approaching the 2 year, 5 month marker and is doing great.

ALWAYS taking care of her sister!

The transition to her big girl bed was WORTH the challenging first week. She is now a full-blown big girl bed sleeper and loving every minute of it. It took about a week of consistently putting her back to bed before it finally clicked. It also took mom and dad about 4 days to realize that baby-gating the doorway of her room was 100% essential to her success. Giving her that visual boundary (and taking the worry off our minds that she's upstairs going through the medicine cabinet) helped all of us relax and stick with the transition. I have to say, Rosemary always amazes me with how smart she is and how flexible she is with change. She definitely does NOT get that from her mom.

Last Sunday, I attended Preschool Open House for Rosemary. She will be starting Preschool this Fall at Blessed Trinity in Richfield. I absolutely can NOT believe how fast the time is going!

Today is the 2 year anniversary of Rosemary's Baptism day and her wonderful, sweet, thoughtful Godparents brought Rosemary flowers to commemorate her special day. Here she is with her roses. Thank you Tim, Rachel & Cora!

Gloria is a character. She is so incredibly passionate about eating that she constantly has Jeff and I buckled over in laughter. She makes the loudest noises when eating and pounds her fists and feet with delight. She's now eating 3 meals a day of baby food, along with 4, 7-8oz bottles. This girl needs to start getting mobile soon to keep up with her calorie intake! She is absolutely adorable (a good thing being that she's still quite the 'fusser'). We can't go anywhere without someone commenting on the size of her dazzling blue eyes...they are huge (she gets them from her dad and Grandma Doris!)

Jeff and I were talking about the girls last night after they'd gone to bed and the chaos of the day had faded away. I asked Jeff if he knew what I meant when I said that 'my heart melted' when Rosemary said this or that. He said he knew exactly what I meant...that feeling where your heart feels too big for your body. It wasn't until having children that either of us ever felt those feelings. Perhaps a kind of love that God shares only with parents in order to keep them forging ahead through the challenges of parenthood.

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