Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Do List

With so much of the move behind us (like the year trying to sell the house, the 4 month stay at the in-law's and the majority of the unpacking complete) it's kind of fun to take a look at our much-more-manageable-to-do list. Here's what's on the docket for the rest of the week:

- The upstairs is completely unpacked! HUZZAH! Here are a few pictures of the "finished" (being unpacked) rooms. Please note I didn't exactly tidy up for these pictures, so please mind the unmade beds;-). Also, we haven't hung anything on the walls yet, so you'll see most of the stuff piled against the walls:-)
Miss Go-Go-Doggy's room
Shout out to my dad for installing these lovely shelves and hanging bars!

Miss Rosemary's room

Finally! Our own sheets and towels back!

And here's what I was referring to when I said I didn't exactly tidy up - here's our bedroom:

Aside from painting and putting in a new closet hanging/shelf system, the only other thing we have done in here is put in new carpet.

Now, there is ONE remaining room to be cleaned and unpacked on the main level (the family room). That is the plan for tonight. Here's the shape she's in:

I think I'll do a separate posting about this paneled family room that was an addition to the house in 1960 (they also added on above it to create the master bedroom). While we won't be touching the upstairs portion of the addition, this main floor family room will be undergoing quite a makeover. I'll share those plans with you another day.

Back to the to-do list:
- Clean storage room in basement, clean storage bins before properly placing them in the storage room proper.

- Install new vent covers in upstairs bedrooms (they were ordered today)

Here's a shot of the gaping holes in the walls. Doesn't this look like a perfect place for a 2 year old to throw toys? Must cover ASAP!

- Paint the ceiling in the bathroom prior to wallpaper being installed (on 12/15).

- Touch up stairway and hallway paint prior to runner being installed (end of next week). Here's a "pre-runner" shot of the refinished stairs and freshly enameled risers and stair skirts...note the newly installed (and freshly stained) railings as well

- Contact companies for window treatment estimates for bedrooms (any suggestions?)

- Switch out upper level switches and outlets and replace plate covers

- Clean 5 remaining windows upstairs that need excess paint scraped and a thorough cleaning after being painted. Here's a pre-scraped window:

As I laid down in bed last night, I had a flash back to the many nights that my head would hit the pillow at our old house and my mind would immediately turn to God asking for patience and trust through the home-selling process. Prayers to trust that God knew what was best for our family and when the right time would be for it to sell. Often prayers of struggle to keep forging ahead despite being in the third trimester of pregnancy with a one year old running around and showing requests steadily coming in. Last night, my head hit the pillow and immediately, the words rang through my mind, "God, thank you for this house." It was only through those times of struggle that made settling into our new home so amazing. We are so appreciative and thankful for this next phase of our journey here.

And today, a pic of my little immunization champion - Miss Go Go Dog (why has this name stuck? UGH!) After her 6 month check up and three "pokies" (as Rosemary calls them), she was in surprisingly good spirits:

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